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AnneWell, here we are – another Christmas passed and making plans for 2010.  This last year and decade have certainly passed quickly.  Seems like we were just working our way through Y2K concerns – now we have seen the rise of a new expression of relating (Social Media), phones that can do amazing things (and virtually everybody has a cell phone now), affordable electronics boasting incredible advances, and the ability to find most anything on the Internet.  So what will the next decade bring?  At the rate at which technology is accelerating one can only imagine.

How do you prepare for the changes to come – and how do you position your business for the changing climate?  None of us has a magic ball to see the future – we are all in the same boat – making our plans, and modifying them as technology brings about changes.

We do know one thing….knowledge and time will continue to be very valuable commodities.  So as you prepare and launch your plans for 2010 and the decade ahead, we encourage you to remember the lessons learned from the past.

Tracking and storing company knowledge in a knowledge base continues to be a huge asset for many companies.  Keeping a central repository of organizational information – that is easily retrievable – will save time and aid in future decision making.  If you are in need a good knowledge base, give us a call and you can try ours for free.

We wish you all the best in 2010…godspeed as you navigate this next decade!  We’ll be right beside you!