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Consider all the paper activities your office is handling every day. In fact, the US government spends $440 million per year printing (2009).  That’s just the cost, there are notifications to send, records to file, and updates to complete.  And to manage these tasks, you need a series of steps to follow.  Suppose you could do those things without lifting a finger.  It is possible, with municipal work order software and automatic work flows.

Imagine if tasks stopped falling through the cracks.  What if automated work flows could standardize routine tasks, save time, and money?  Because if you perform duties in an orderly fashion they are more efficient and have a better chance of getting done on time.

Automatic work flows bring together different departments and replace poor communication and follow through.  The best part of municipal work order software is being able to determine what’s impacting performance and productivity.  Then use that information to identify areas to focus attention and make changes.

Municipal Work Order System with Automatic Work Flows:

Lately, text messaging is the primary form of communication although it’s incomplete, misinterpreted, and often missing pertinent details.  Communication at the workplace can be like text messaging, often with no one on the same page.  Often multi-departmental communication can either run well or fall apart.   You need a way to stop communication bottlenecks across all municipal departments and with citizens so everyone can be on the same page.

What can municipal work order work flows do for you?

  • Send citizens automatic email notifications of requests received and status updates.
  • Convert incoming emails (requests, complaints, and hazards) into manageable service requests and route to the appropriate department.
  • Manage routine correspondence (welcome letter, planned work, code enforcement) with responsive automatic work flows.

Manage Maintenance Work Orders vs. Them Managing You:

The community depends on the proper operation of your critical asset infrastructure.  This is becoming difficult with tight budgets and strict regulations.  Municipalities must maintain many critical high-cost assets.  So, monitoring work orders are crucial to keep business running as usual.  In other words, you need a well-defined maintenance plan since failing to have one could have serious consequences.

What can municipal work order software do for you?

  • Track and manage work orders at multiple locations in real-time.
  • Pull parts from inventory for work orders and add labor and equipment hours to capture total cost.
  • Reduce emergency work orders and staff over-time with a proper, preventative maintenance schedule.
  • Decrease equipment outages and maintenance costs with automated maintenance reminders.
  • Keep you informed of warranty renewals, inspections, condition assessments, and more.

Municipal work order software stops bottlenecks and improves departmental, staff, and citizen communication.  It also automates complex tasks and improves productivity.  Let Novo Solutions help you free up time, save money, and protect the community you serve with our ShareNet Municipal Software.

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