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Work order System softwareHow do you provide your municipality with a summary of complete or incomplete maintenance activities?  A work order system should allow you to show the status of ongoing work, such as work orders closed in the last three months and the costs associated? The only way I see having effective work order metrics is through accurate data.

So, you’ve heard of work order metrics, but what exactly are you supposed to measure with a work order system?

  1. How many work orders were completed this month? What type of work? How long did they take? Would it be helpful to know what type of work was completed and how frequently?   Your municipality can use work order software to collect the relevant data:
    • Work orders must be assigned a type (road, sign, building, etc.)
    • Capture all types of work on a work order form to gain specific insight
    • Technicians log completion hours (labor) to get an accurate measurement of hours
  1. How well are labor hours being utilized and scheduled during a specific time period? Maintenance software metrics reveal the gaps in your organization’s work order management that need to be closed, such as:
    • Do we have accurate scheduling of manpower?
    • Is our work order system capturing all the tasks completed?
    • Do we have an accurate recording of manpower time (e.g. labor hours documented for a technician on a day they weren’t scheduled)?
    • Do you have the ability to see records of work orders completed on key assets including overtime and inventory spending?
  1. Are work orders closed with spare parts inventory used but no labor time documented? Depending on how many work orders are completed, consider these questions:
    • At what point in the completion process is there an informational gap, that allows a work order to be closed with parts or materials charged, but no labor hours.
    • Are there any exceptions we should remove from the metric?
    • Is there a need for follow-ups on work orders and requests taken and how is this documented in the work order system?
    • Do you need the history of services requested and performed at a single location?

Organizing a municipality’s work orders, staff and parts can be chaotic at best.  Imagine if everyone had a well-defined list of work to complete before they arrived?  Paper processes cause valuable information to get misplaced and overlooked. And many processes require multiple touches from different departments before they’re complete.  You need a well-defined, organized process to get work done.

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You cannot manage what you cannot measure” Bill Hewitt of Hewlett Packard