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Track, share and report on equipment maintenance, inventory and labor costs across your organization with the flexible Novo ShareNet web and mobile cloud software.

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ShareNet Maintenance Software

Improve productivity, automate maintenance, get custom reports and reduce operational
costs with our ShareNet maintenance software.

How Will Maintenance Software Improve Productivity?

Eliminate paper and reduce human error by using the Novo Solutions CMMS to create, access, and update assets and work orders from your office or in the field.

  • Improve scheduling, equipment and inventory availability with visibility into upcoming work, projects, and tracked work orders.
  • Tracked assets, maintenance, real-time work orders, and inventory greatly simplifies the path to more efficient operations.
  • Fast-track maintenance repairs and reduce downtime with accessible repair history, maintenance tips, and procedures.
  • Automatic alerts and reminders keep you on top of preventative maintenance planning and scheduling.

Our turn-key cloud-based CMMS Software combines and effectively utilizes your staff, documents, work orders, and inventory to produce data that can be filtered and manipulated by work completed, upcoming maintenance, and much more.

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Maintenance Software & CMMS Software

How Can Novo Solutions CMMS Provide Cost Savings in My Operation?

Properly maintained equipment has a longer life, and with repair history and maintenance tips just a tap away, equipment and machinery can be repaired faster, reducing downtime.

  • Connecting equipment to work orders provides awareness into the time, money, and effort spent on maintaining them.
  • Work order costs can be reduced with tracked labor hours, requests, status changes, completion times, and more.
  • Spot and quickly respond to trends such as problematic equipment and underperforming staff.
  • Extend equipment life-span and ROI by properly maintaining equipment with preventative maintenance.

Our CMMS maintenance software tools help you manage your assets and work orders, capture inventory and labor costs, and report on everything – so that you can make decisions with certainty and control operational costs.

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Maintenance Software & CMMS Software

How Flexible And Configurable is the Novo Solutions CMMS Software?

Flexibility is the cornerstone of our cloud hosting environment because it can be quickly and easily changed to meet the needs of multiple departments and locations.

  • Automatic workflows can convert emails to requests and route requests to the appropriate department.
  • Create maintenance schedules by dates, mileage, meters, and more.
  • Start small, prove it works, and then introduce it to other departments and locations.
  • Automated request updates across multiple systems, and eliminate the need to manage data in two places.

Our CMMS software allows you to tailor the system with customized workflows, modified forms, record lists, fields and email templates as well as attaching documents and photos to records for ultimate usability, scalability, and flexibility.

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CMMS Software & Maintenance Software

Are There Ways to Improve My Overall Maintenance and Reporting?

Create, evaluate and update assets and work orders from your office or in the field, make repairs faster with information at your fingertips, and report on anything from anywhere and at any time with our Maintenance software.

  • Operational, technical, and economic analysis with graphs, charts, and reports is just a click away.
  • Collected operational data makes it easy to evaluate the effectiveness of current practices.
  • Improve processes and asset availability and ultimately your bottom line with collected data reports.
  • Improve visibility because reports are available to everyone, anywhere, anytime without excel.

Our CMMS Software provides maintenance reports that reduce response time and downtime, help forecast future needs, elevates performance, reduces costs, and allows you to customize reports for sharing information and best practices.

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Maintenance Software & CMMS Software

ShareNet Maintenance Software Features