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Mobile Maintenance

The mobile world is evolving, not only are people using their own devices for work, but organizations are enlisting the help of a mobile maintenance and work order apps to improve their maintenance

I was recently purchasing a new trashcan, and of course, the color I wanted wasn’t in a neat box with the barcode and price, so I quickly snapped a pic of the corresponding trashcan barcode, making the cashier sing my praises.  Though I must confess, I didn’t realize that she only needed to scan the picture for me to make my purchase, but as the fellas at Novo Solutions know, words are my thing, not technology.

Good technology can completely change the way your maintenance team operates. 

Maintenance workers are no exception.  They make up the critical glue keeping your organization running smoothly, so equipping them with the right work tools nowadays means more than a good drill and hammer.   They are handling your organization’s most precious commodities – your customers and your equipment.

efforts.   Simplifying work is now the contemporary thing to do.

Paper is out, apps are in. 

According to Naviant Industry Statistics, paper reduces productivity.  Between managing, locating, difficulty sharing, distribution, storage, and retrieval of documents offices are wasting about 8 hours a week which is a staggering 416 hours a year.

Maintenance at its core has some significant reasons for maintaining accurate documentation.  How does management evaluate their operation and make necessary changes without easy access to equipment inspections, work orders completed, and preventive maintenance performed on the capital-intensive assets?  Mobile maintenance gives management and maintenance teams the ability to quickly update equipment status and work orders, add the detailed description of work performed as well as the ease of scanning a barcode to bring up the device.

There is power in information.

It’s nearly impossible to make an educated decision much less a guess without some information.  What if your mobile maintenance staff needs to take a look at a manual, safety procedure, or schematics before completing at work order?  Now they have to hunt down the information.   Having this information at a click of a button empowers your team with the knowledge repository to act on work, not start a search party.   Having data available in real-time makes it easy to coordinate and communicate instantly for faster problem resolution.

Productivity is never an accident.

Oftentimes we complain to ourselves when we have failed to be productive.  I know I have, but productivity is a commitment to excellence.  Maintenance teams need intelligent planning and solutions to focus their maintenance efforts effectively.  Mobile maintenance apps help your team focus on being productive instead of busy.  There is a difference.  Mobile apps connect teams, reduce completion time, decrease labor hours, and decrease inventory errors.

So ask yourself, what can you do for your maintenance team today to improve your tomorrow?  Contact Novo Solutions today to learn more about our mobile maintenance and work order app.