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Are you a Utilities Director looking to improve your processes of maintaining your water utility assets? Maybe you’re trying to format a water utility asset management plan? Managing these operations without water system asset management can become more challenging and lead to increased inefficiencies. Having the appropriate strategy in place is essential. A long time ago, tracking your Water Utility Maintenance consisted of paper orders and word-of-mouth communication. This led to misplaced work orders, so assets were left to break down prematurely. Here at Novo Solutions, we provide new solutions to those old procedures for your water utility maintenance operations with our Water Utility Software!

Importance of water

Water is the single most vital liquid to all life on our planet. Did you know it makes up 75% of the Earth, around 60% of our bodies, and helps feed all the plant life and vegetation we know today. So, how does Novo Solutions provide a system that prevents falling water towers, bursting pipes, and one-hundred-year-old fire hydrants from breaking? We created a system that tracks your assets and the critical information associated with them. This can include pump running hours, asset life, operator usage, and many more measurable features. We included these features because we understand the importance of your responsibilities. Water Utility Maintenance is very important for our continuous usage of water! The upkeep of water transfer systems like PVC pipes is crucial to maintaining your ability to receive and recycle our water.

Advantages of Asset Tracking

Here at Novo Solutions, we offer our ShareNet Water Utility Maintenance software to assist and simplify the processes you strive to complete. In addition, our Water Utility Maintenance software provides the necessary tools, like asset tracking, for your continuous improvement. With each new release, we continue to optimize our software, so you can stay on top of asset maintenance. This can include making sure assets are defined and assigned the correct properties, providing an easy-to-use interface that helps you find what you need quickly, and releasing updates and video tutorials ensuring you know how to use ShareNet for your water utility asset management.

  • Asset tracking will evolve your operations, minimize your costs, and improve your efficiency.
  • Your operational processes can be developed by incorporating our software, providing your workers with a system with increased automation.
  • With customizable fields and forms, you can easily create and track work orders that will be accessible via ShareNet. This will help you access your information from anywhere. In fact, You can further boost your productivity by equipping staff with mobile devices with access to our cloud-based software.

ShareNet can track maintenance costs and provide reports and dashboards to help you make more informed decisions. Preventative maintenance extends the useful life of water utility assets. ShareNet keeps maintenance records and automatically updates the next maintenance date, simplifying your job and minimizing your costs. Improvements in efficiency will be obvious after you deploy ShareNet. The mobile GIS mapping system makes it easy to Geotag and locate your assets. Maintenance dates, statuses, and asset condition information are always accessible. In conclusion, our water system asset management creates simplicity within your work environment, enabling increased retainability and efficiency.

water system asset management

Water Utility Maintenance – Checking, Maintaining, and Replacing

We can break asset tracking into three main points of interest: checking, maintaining, and replacing assets. Many of our clients use ShareNet and its abilities to accomplish those tasks.

  1. Checking Assets – First, ShareNet provides a glimpse into assets before you physically arrive at their location. You can go within the software and look on the map for your desired work location. Then, once you locate it, you can click it and view that asset’s specific information. Furthermore, you can decide whether to replace the asset or schedule it for maintenance. It’s helpful to field workers and provides them with insight into the assets before heading out on the job.
  2. Maintaining Assets – Second, A preventative maintenance process is critical for keeping assets running like new. As a result, this can save you untold amounts of capital and funding. In short, imagine having to replace water treatment and distribution equipment due to lack of maintenance. Regular, preventative maintenance reduces the likelihood of unplanned outages for your residents. You can log, track, and set your preventive maintenance schedule for your water utilities in a few easy steps.
  3. Replacing Assets – Lastly, in some instances, you need to replace your assets. Whether it’s due to operator error or the age of the asset, we still have the solution for you.  You can quickly review maintenance history to help you make a replace versus repair decision.  Once the decision is made to replace an asset, simply create a related Work Order to schedule the replacement. Our Water Utility Maintenance software offers you flexibility and can notify you whether your assets need to be checked, maintained, and replaced.


Water Utility Maintenance Operators

What is software without the people who will operate it? Hence, Water Utility Maintenance staff are the fabric of our software because they utilize it! We aim to make their jobs easier. Our Water Utility Maintenance software will provide them with smoother workflows and quicker turnaround times. ShareNet ensures that employees are making the most of their time and maximizing their work efficiency. Outdated and manual paper processes can have a negative impact on employee morale. ShareNet eliminates this and creates opportunities for improvement. We’ve modernized the ancient record-keeping practice, and have given your department the key to productivity.

Choose Novo Solutions

In summary, ShareNet’s Asset Management Software for Water Utilities enables you to track all your assets as you see fit. Secondly, it provides you with the capabilities to check, maintain, and replace assets under your supervision and enables you to act at a moment’s notice. Subsequently, the efficiency of improvements, decrease in costs, and evolution of operations is what makes ShareNet an integral part of your water utility asset management system. Lastly, you can tailor ShareNet to your needs and adapt it as your needs change. Our objective is to make jobs easier for you and your workforce. We built ShareNet to suit your needs and we aim to make it better as time goes on. We would love to speak with you about it. Schedule a demo today!

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