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Every municipality depends on efficient asset management for water utilities. These assets are bound to need maintenance and repairs now and then. Your municipality needs a reliable system to ensure you have the tools to oversee your water utility properly. The ShareNet Municipal Operations Management system provides municipalities with asset management software for water utilities that helps them get the most out of their assets.

Learn more about how the ShareNet Municipal Operations Management system can help you improve the way you manage your public utility.

What Does Asset Management Software for Water Utilities Do?

You can track various types of assets with water utility asset management software. These include water treatment AND water distribution assets, such as pipes, pumps, valves, fire hydrants, and water meters. In addition, you can use the built-in work order software for any work order needed for your water utility. Examples include repairs, scheduled maintenance, inspection logs, and water quality test results. The ShareNet Municipal Operations Management system also helps municipalities track and log meter readings for regulatory compliance, such as pressure or chlorine levels.


What Challenges Can Water Utility Asset Management Software Solve?

Without the proper water asset management in place, municipalities can face many obstacles. Water utility assets require regular maintenance to ensure they function correctly. When failures do occur, maintenance staff need to respond quickly. Keeping up with this work isn’t easy, especially with outdated or insufficient management systems. 

Here are a few ways that having asset management software can help with some common challenges.

Make Work Orders Accessible

Many municipalities still rely on paper-based systems to file work orders. While this may be what some are accustomed to, it makes tasks much harder than they have to be and causes avoidable issues. For example, suppose a manager gives someone work information on a piece of paper. Work order details can accidentally get left out or forgotten. Physical copies of work orders can also get lost or misplaced easily. Water utility asset management software reduces the risk of errors commonly made with outdated methods of asset management. 

Complete Work Orders Faster

When updating work orders is more accessible, it gives workers the potential to address these needs faster. Workers can use their mobile devices to access work orders while in the field. The outcome is a reduction in the time it takes to create and assign work orders compared to a paper-based system. Faster repairs and maintenance also help ensure that customers are getting the best service available. 

View Water Utility Assets on a Map

Managing any asset is difficult if you can’t locate them quickly on a map. For example, if your staff cannot plan an optimal daily route, this can result in lost time and productivity. In addition, without geo-tagged assets and repair work orders, it is more difficult to notice trends related to failures. With ShareNet’s geospatial asset and work order management, staff can quickly plan their work routes. Over time, you can identify trends by seeing water-related work orders on a map. The outcome is more effective planning of capital improvement projects (i.e. replacing a pipe segment versus making repeated repairs).

Learn More about ShareNet Water Utility Asset Management Software

Regardless of the number of assets you manage, you want to ensure they get the proper maintenance when they need it. Water utility asset management software helps make doing this more manageable. In addition, having the right tool available will help you prevent problems from worsening, make workers’ jobs more efficient, and satisfy your customers. 

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