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Hello! Welcome to another blog post with Novo Solutions! Are you a wastewater utility director? Are you in need of an effective system that tracks your wastewater assets? Here at Novo Solutions, we are looking to provide you with the optimal solutions that suit your wastewater asset management needs. With ShareNet’s Wastewater Treatment Software, we want to deliver the versatility and flexibility you need for your daily operations. Since our focus today is Wastewater Treatment, we want to get the sludge of old paperwork processes out and bring the efficiency of digital record keeping. We have plenty of features to combat the problems that may arise in a Wastewater Treatment Facility. They include customizable forms, a GIS-Mapping system, a dashboard for reporting, task assignment, and more! Let our awastewater treatment softwaredaptable Wastewater Treatment Software be the solution for your departments!

How we understand your assets and their needs

We believe, maintaining gravity or pressurized mains, manholes, lift stations, and pumps is vital in wastewater management. However, it would be best to have their conditions on a visible, customizable map for increased efficiency. Therefore, allowing you to schedule repairs quickly and allocate your budget more wisely, spending less, saving more—the flexibility of ShareNet shifts to you, allowing versatility for your department.  Of course, each asset has its respective procedures involving scheduled maintenance. The simplicity that ShareNet offers you when tracking your assets—like scheduling preventative maintenance and keeping track of the maintenance records of various machines and systems. You can visit our page on the Wastewater Maintenance Software page for even more information. We include the different metrics like when, how, and how long, and you can also create your own, which can support your departmental policies. 

Wastewater Treatment Software & planning assistance

wastewater treatment software

Planning is the difference-maker in almost all things! A good plan can get you to go far—a lousy plan will make you come up short. In our software for Water Treatment, we offer a dashboard and reporting feature mentioned earlier in the post. This feature can be complimentary to supporting your budget request or conveying your needs to upper administration. You can create graphs and charts that will visually represent numbers and other quantitative data. You also can customize the charts and graphs to your liking based on your needs; it automatically links directly to all of your records safely stored in the ShareNet software. Therefore, if you need to analyze water quality information, ShareNet, in a few clicks, links and channels it into a scatterplot for other water scientists to review and edit. This simplifies water treatment and helps your department conduct operations more smoothly.

wastewater treatment software

How will the Water Treatment Software simplify workflow processes?

In your wastewater treatment facility, you need smooth implementation and flexible capabilities. Hence, these factors will decide if your processes can be simplified, saving you labor hours and money. For example, our Water Treatment Software can become mobile using tablets or smartphones; you can be online anywhere with a stable internet connection because of our cloud-based software. This mobility will give your staff information at their fingertips and increase their communication and response times significantly. Therefore, jobs completion rates will rise, which means more money for your department. Then increased flexibility creates an efficient work environment, which lastly makes an overall effective system of work.

Understanding your needs & the next steps

To summarize, here at Novo Solutions, we want to provide you with software solutions that minimize your costs, simplify workflow processes, and increase efficiency. We do this with our Wastewater Treatment Software and offer excellent features to transform your department into a versatile, effective machine. The automation we provide for your wastewater asset management is thanks to everyone in the Public Works sector. We wish to make your jobs easier, one form at a time. We have a great staff waiting to support you in anything you need.

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