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Asset Tracking One of the largest investments of a company is work equipment. Whether it’s large equipment, tools, or even tablets and cell phones, asset tracking is a huge benefit for a number of reasons.

Check out exactly how easy a CMMS makes asset tracking below.

Keep Up with Maintenance Schedules

Monitoring your assets is more than just having a place where they are easily found. As a result of keeping up with maintenance schedules, downtime decreases and surprise repairs are easily prevented. It’s easy to set up preventative maintenance schedules that minimize repairs and keep your assets in top shape which is a leading factor in ensuring the health of your equipment and adhering to warranty specifications.

Repair vs. Replacement

Asset Management Software will keep up with the cost of repairing the equipment, enabling more educated decisions. This provides an effective way to determine when to buy a new piece of equipment or make additional repairs and is an excellent way to keep up with all of your assets requirements, inspections, and repairs while knowing the value of each one and its life expectancy.

You have better control of your budget and avoid surprises that can put you in the red. Furthermore, knowing when equipment needs to be replaced makes planning for future investments easier. For instance, if you have equipment that’s been repaired frequently and repair costs are inching closer to the cost of new equipment, you know it’s time to consider replacement. By tracking these repairs, budget forecasting is a breeze.

Organization and Control

Perhaps the most important benefit of asset tracking is the simplicity of organizing your assets. With our ShareNet cloud asset management software, it’s easy to import data, scan asset barcodes with a mobile device, and add custom fields for advanced reporting.

You can also track cell phones and tablets loaned to employees or smaller tools that are small but expensive to replace. Knowing who used it last, minimizes the time spent searching for a misplaced or stolen item.

There is also a reduction in time and effort spent searching for items.  With detailed location information including who last used it and when employees don’t lose valuable time searching for equipment, they need for a job. Instead, your storage area stays organized and employees time is spent doing their actual jobs.

Maintaining Records

Asset tracking allows you to maintain records easily that are accessible from any mobile device no matter where you are. The reports and dashboards are viewed multiple ways and reports are customized.

No matter which benefit is most important to your company or department, asset tracking is a feature that keeps your largest investments working soundly across one or more locations or languages.

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