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Many small businesses today think that asset management software is only for large organizations with asset management solutionsthousands of assets.  Well, think again!

Small businesses can benefit from tracking solutions that manage company assets. Small businesses have the same business management needs as large companies – just on a smaller scale.  They have:

  • Office furniture – desks, chairs, misc. furniture
  • Office equipment – computers, monitors, printers, telephones
  • Assigned technology– laptops, cell phones, blackberry’s, notepads
  • Other – smart boards, projectors, copiers, misc. supplies

Knowing what assets you have, when they were purchased, where they are located,  and if they are still in use is critical to all organizations.

Asset management solutions have a wide variety of features:

  • Sorting assets by types & locations
  • Assigning a ‘status’ to assets (in use, etc.)
  • Full asset description with image
  • Relationship of an asset to another asset
  • Transaction history (track the life of an asset as it is moved)
  • A powerful reporting tool

Today’s asset management solutions are typically web-based, meaning you access the software using a standard web browser.  Many vendors offer asset management solutions that are hosted (sometimes called ‘cloud solutions’), meaning they are hosted on the vendor’s server so no IT staff is required on your part.   You simply access the software through a license, configure it to your needs, and start tracking!  You can literally begin tracking assets within minutes and hours – not days and weeks.

A hosted asset tracking solution is also an affordable way for small companies to have enterprise level solutions since you pay by the month for only the number of users you have.  As your company grows you simply add more users.  And no upgrades are required – the vendor makes the updates so when you log into the application you are always running the newest version of the software.

You may be asking if it is secure to have your company data on a hosted web server.  Recent changes in technology make it very safe.  A highly secure ‘private cloud’ utilizes specialized firewalls to ensure security.

As you are doing asset inventory this year for tax preparation, think how much easier it would be next year if you had a tool tracking & reporting your company assets for you.  You will reap the benefits of time saved and know exactly what you have.

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