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IT Asset Tracking SoftwareYou may not think of your business as having a lot of assets, but when you factor in items such as furniture and equipment along with your IT, you may have a large amount of investment just lying around.  Knowing what assets you have and where they are located can save you money by optimizing their use.  IT asset tracking can ensure you manage your assets effectively.

Here are 5 steps to effectively manage your assets with IT Asset Tracking Software:

  1. Utilize technology!  Are you still tracking assets on a spreadsheet? IT Asset Tracking Software is designed to manage and track all kinds of assets. From IT equipment to furnishings and office equipment, having everything recorded in a single application will not only keep track of asset information, such as locations and history but allow for valuable reporting.
  2. Log all of your assets into the software.  Good asset tracking software solutions do so much more than keep count. A quality app will allow you to track the assets description, image, purchase date, location history, related assets and much more. This not only tells you what you own and where it is located but also gives a complete history of the life-cycle of your assets.
  3. Go mobile.  An asset management software application with mobile accessibility and barcode scanning capabilities will allow you to track your assets from any location. This allows workers in the field to access an assets record without having to go back to the office, saving time and improving record keeping.
  4. Manage your assets.  Ensure your assets are optimally utilized. Review your assets to identify old assets that may need to be replaced. You can also view repair histories to identify trends with problem equipment. Knowing what assets you have and where they are located will not only let you find them quickly but prevent you from unnecessarily replacing items you already have.
  5. Utilize Reporting.  Reporting, including charts, allows you to see information at a glance and easily share the information with others. Valuable data, such as depreciation calculations allow you to not only see the assets but also how they are being used.

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