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Asset Management Software

Web-Based Cloud Asset Mangement or Installed?

There are a number of PC based Asset Management solutions that are designed to be installed on local PCs or servers.  So what is the problem with this?  Below are a few issues to consider:

  • Limited Access – When PC based asset management software is installed on an in-house computer you have to be on the computer where the software is installed to access it.  What if you need access from home or from a repair shop?  You may have to install another copy of the software AND you will have to try to talk IT into opening the Firewall to let you gain access.  This can pose a security risk to other organizational data and IT may be hesitant do this.  Even if you are in the building – maybe making a repair to one of the assets – you still cannot access the information without going back to your PC to open the software.
  • Lack of Adequate Backup – If the software is installed on a local computer, this means that all of the valuable asset information resides on the hard drive of that computer.  Most organizations have backup solutions in place for servers but many do not backup desktop computer data.  This means that if the hard drive dies, all of the asset information is gone.  Even if the user manually backs up the data, this can be forgotten and backup data can become outdated.
  • Disaster Recovery Risk – We hope we never have a fire or other disaster but it is always good to plan for the unexpected.  If your critical asset data is on a computer and the building is not accessible for some reason, how will you report to your insurance company an up to date list of assets along with their purchase dates, values, etc. to be reimbursed for replacements.

With a web-based cloud asset management software solution, the concerns listed above go away.  Consider some of the following benefits:

  • Anywhere Access – With a cloud-based asset management solution, especially with mobile device access, asset information can be accessed from anywhere.  This not only helps you be more productive (saving time from going back to your desk) but also empowers you to make better decisions about those assets (i.e. when considering an expensive repair, you could quickly review the age and repair history and determine if the asset should be fixed or replaced).
  • High Availability – With modern data centers, redundant servers, etc. cloud solutions can often provide a much higher degree of availability that can be cost-effectively created in-house.  This means that the chances of the software not being accessible is very minimal.  If there ever is a problem, reputable cloud solution providers have recovery processes in place to quickly restore access.  Most providers perform nightly backups and some even store backup data in a separate, secure location.  As an additional safeguard, you should also be able to export your core data at any time.
  • Enhanced Security – Cloud-based solutions prevent you from having to open Firewalls to gain access to asset information.  This keeps the rest of your organizational data secure.  Not all cloud providers are created equal.  When looking for a solution, ensure that the solution uses SSL (the site is accessed with https://…).  The “s” means that all communication from your web browser or mobile device to the cloud service is encrypted and secure.  Most providers should also have Firewalls in place to block inappropriate access.

Novo Solutions has been providing cloud-based solutions since 1999 (before it was called “cloud”).   To learn more about our secure, cloud-based web and mobile asset management software see: