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CMMS Software ReviewI am a consumer just like you.

I like my questions answered very straightforward and honest, without a lot of fluff.  So, assuming you’re of similar mindset by the mere fact that you landed on this CMMS Software Review blog post, I hope to answer the top questions as straightforward as possible.

Bottom line folks- finding balance, organization, and more efficient daily activities started your search, because you know successful operations are not just about the customers you bring into your business, it’s how you keep their business and acquire more based on your reputation, product or service, and more.

I put myself in your shoes and answered the questions that I, myself would ask when considering the intimidating task of reviewing CMMS software and narrowing down the list of contenders.

Hope it’s useful and by all means, comment and ask questions.  Happy CMMS Software Review Time!

Let’s Begin—

Using a platform such as ShareNet will accomplish a goal. 

Effortlessly and easily plan, report, assess and organize all aspects of your business. Leading to- More profits. More solutions. More efficiency.

Your business needs something.  That’s why you’re here, investigating and beginning the CMMS software review process.

You’re doing your homework, researching and seeing what is out there.

What are your options?  What is the cost?  Will a product like ShareNet really change your business for the better?

What do you have to lose?  Watch a demo, talk to someone; it could be the best decision you make!

How does it work?  What do you get?

  • A support technician at Novo Solutions will go over your specific company needs and decide how best to utilize ShareNet to automate your business, assets, workflow, and so much more.
  • We review your current strategy from top to bottom and then consolidate your processes into the platform.
  • Your eyes will open to all the new possibilities for automation and how your business will have the potential to grow by leaps and bounds.

The program will be tailored just for you. Your needs. Your company. Your technicians.  Your staff. Your inventory.  Your reports. Your preventive maintenance.  Your equipment.

What we ask:

  1. What problems do you want ShareNet to solve? Enhance? Replace?
  2. Who will participate in the implementation? Entering or uploading the data?
  3. What processes do you want to track? Automate? Import? Capture? Report?
  4. How accessible are you? Are you connecting with your business market and your customers?

How it works:

  • Meet with you for a live software demo, you on your computer and me at mine. Having already answered the above questions through conversation and emails we are able to dive right in.
  • Now you will be shown how to use ShareNet to handle your company’s specific needs and how we are able to fine-tune the program for ultimate success.
  • Then, we will establish your goals, the challenges you have faced, and how ShareNet can simplify and enhance your business.

Next, we get to work:

  • After careful review of all processes that you want to automate, we configure your ShareNet work order software to your specific needs.
  • Next, it’s time to Go Live where Novo Solutions ShareNet Software is introduced and synced with your organizations processes and your staff is trained.

Finally, we review the effectiveness, suggestions, recommendations and make any last changes.

At this point, you will be on your own.  Novo Solutions will always be available for follow-up and support as each package includes this provision.

 What You Need to Know:  

  • Perks/benefits Requires minimal IT staff involvement, being an easy to use, cloud-based solution greatly reduces or eliminates the need for IT staff to be involved in the rollout and use of the system. Anyone can learn this system effortlessly.
  • Focus on the mobilityAccess your information from any mobile device, whether you’re in the office, at home on a Laptop, or on the road with a Tablet or Smart Phone, you can quickly and easily access the information you need.
  • Provides you information security Multiple levels of security safeguard your data, not only is each customer’s data, maintenance and work order records stored in a separate database (unlike some Cloud-based solutions), but multiple layers of security are built into the Cloud Hosting environment.
  • Handle growthScalability, ShareNet is designed to handle growth, whether you need to manage just a little bit of information or a lot, the system will grow with you.

Questions and concerns:

  1. We like sharenet. Can we have more information?

Yes, we are available via the phone, email, website, and the Novo YouTube channel to answer any questions or concerns.

  1. Is ShareNet flexible? Or is it geared towards one business?

The ShareNet Platform Apps were designed from the ground up to be highly flexible and easy to use for many types of businesses.

  1. What does support look like and will I get a live person?

The easy to use designers & wizards make it easy to tailor the system to your needs as well as how to videos to guide you through simple changes.  Also, you always have access to a friendly, knowledgeable, LIVE support person.  And thankfully, here at Novo Solutions, you will never jump through automated hoops to speak to or email a support technician.  EVER!

 What it costs:

ShareNet is priced to provide a fast return on investment.  Different Editions and User Licensing models are available to work within most budgets.  We also offer a free version to help you jump in and see the wealth of benefits to using an automated work order software system.

Our Promise to You:

You will benefit from our 19 years of experience… and more importantly, you get to see the growth and renewal of your business almost immediately.  Prepared, trained and enhanced… we stand by our product, we know you won’t be disappointed, we guarantee it.

Contact Novo Solutions today and let us help your CMMS Software Review process become easy and successful!