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Work Order ManagementWorking around the clock is normal for many of us– from taking care of repairs, juggling workers, and keeping customers happy, there’s an endless to-do list. We work at the office, at home, on vacation, and at our kid’s recitals and sporting events. More often than not, the running of business never stops and tackling the load means being at the top of our game. Using a software system for work order management gives an informational edge that will take your organization to the next level of success.

If you are still using paper and pen, you’re in a heap of trouble. Whether your shuffling paper or managing with an outdated solution, I feel your pain. Why do you ask? Because I have encountered many organizations during my time here at Novo that don’t have a solution. The Novo Solutions ShareNet platform is the friend you didn’t know you needed, the employee that you can’t live without, or even quite possibly the answer to your work order challenges.

Work Order Management – The Facts A-M

Assign work orders to multiple staff with a work order application.

Because work order software can track inventory, waiting for missing parts becomes a thing of the past.

Create and customize work orders for technicians, customers, or outside contractors.

Detailed reporting provides invaluable operational insight by technician, team, materials, work progress, and more.

Easily track and understand why work is running behind schedule.

Fast handling of emergency and high-value work orders.

GPS location information within the software provides exact location information.

History, materials used, status, warranty claims, and more are attached to assets and work orders.

Import assets from spreadsheets.

Justify a work order management system purchase with this blog post.

Keep workers in the field with a mobile device because they don’t have to return to the office to find a computer or shuffle papers.   It’s a win, win –save time and money.

Link related work orders and preventative maintenance tasks to equipment within the software.

Management and workers have increased visibility into tasks and the ability to update their own completed work orders and inventory requests out in the field.

Work Order Management – The Facts N-Z

New work orders can be created by anyone, anywhere in the company.

One centralized, flexible system can replace many department specific systems across the organization.

Print detailed work orders for the not so tech-savvy employees.

Quickly and simply access tasks, procedures, and information attached to the work order request.

Real-time updates because work orders can live in the cloud.

Search for work orders based on the problem, location, asset, type, status, or customer.

Technicians can use the map feature to determine their service route.

Use automatic workflows based on status updates to create email notifications.

Visibility of all work orders in a centralized online database.

Work order forms are easily customized.

EXpedited emergency and high priority work orders.

You can easily pull up previous service history, customer information, tasks, parts, and photos associated with the asset or work order with work order management.


The Novo ShareNet Work Order Software was designed to simplify work by helping you track, share, and report on work orders and assets in more productive ways.  Contact us to schedule a demo or check out this demo.