December 2021

Work has begun on the new ShareNet Form Designer.  This will make designing new forms even easier and faster and will include new field types.  This will be included in our upcoming ShareNet 3.8 release in the Spring of 2022.

November 2021

ShareNet 3.7 is Released! This update includes enhancements to the ShareNet Calendar - to optimize scheduling and re-arranging the schedules of work orders; GIS/Mapping Improvements - allowing users to improve productivity using the map; Multi-Lingual Improvements - allowing the system to be used in different languages; Work Flow Enhancements - including a new GeoFencing capability; List View Enhancements - with more flexibility with date filters; Data Import - now has the ability to perform record [...]

July 2021

ShareNet 3.6 is Released! Map visualizations of icons, colors, and other styling effects are available. Users can now edit GeoJSON GIS files directly in ShareNet with similar styling to other GIS systems. Modification helps managers operate more effectively and make better and faster decisions viewing maps. Custom Geo Coding is now available for customers with addresses not found in Google. The ShareNet Work Flow system now has an additional communication method to send updates via [...]

January 2021

ShareNet 3.5 is Released! This update adds a new Employee Labor Time Log to handle Regular, Overtime, and Other Pay Rates. It helps our customers capture more accurate costs of Work Orders. It also includes the ability to add other times such as Training, Meetings, Vacation, etc., and the ability to print timesheets for payroll submission. Editing KML Map layers is now available (i.e. for customers who do not have a separate GIS system). Forms [...]

August 2020

ShareNet 3.4 is Released! This update adds powerful new form capabilities – applying conditional logic to fields on a form. As a result, we have greatly simplified how data is collected/entered. In addition, the fields dynamically change based on other options chosen. This release also adds all of the mapping capability on the Desktop view to the Mobile App (map layers, adding Work Orders and Asset from the map, and other great features)!

January 2020

ShareNet 3.2 is released! This update includes an amazing new Interactive Dashboard along with new GIS/Map Layer capabilities.  Read about the Dashboard announcement Press Release - Novo Solutions Announces ShareNet 3.2.

Sep. 2019

Novo Solutions will be exhibiting at the national 2019 Public Works Expo - PWX Conference in Seattle Washington, September 8 - 11.  Please stop by our booth 2243 to introduce yourself and learn about how our ShareNet Municipal software can help you optimize your Public Works Operations.