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Jul. 2018

ShareNet 3.0 is released!  This update had a lot of changes.  ShareNet now has a more modern, more responsive user interface.  It also has significant speed improvements.

Dec. 2017

ShareNet 2.4 is released.  Improvements were made to the Attachment/File Upload process, Data Export, Printing and more.  Integration with Gravity Forms is now available (via a new Webhook).

Nov. 2017

Novo Solutions exhibited at the National League of Cities Conference in Charlotte, NC at booth 608.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth.

Sept. 2017

Novo Solutions exhibited at the Illinois Municipal League in Chicago, IL.  It was great a time to present our flexible ShareNet Municipal Software to so many Illinois municipal leaders.

Apr. 2017

ShareNet version 2.2 is released.  Improvements were made to how meter and date based Asset Preventative Maintenance is handled, Dashboard Chart drill down reports, the Email to Ticket system (Mail Connect), displaying Maps on a mobile device, how the Work Flow system conditions are handled and more.

Feb. 2017

One of the core values at Novo Solutions is giving back to our local and global community.  This month Novo Reach donated a portion of 2016  profits to the Union Mission, CareNet Crisis Pregnancy Center, and Operation Blessing to support the great work they are doing.

Jan. 2017

ShareNet version 2.1 was released.  Improvements were made to the Email Template system, setting and display of International Date formats, the Search system, a security update and more.

Dec. 2016

We are pleased to welcome Stacy Crawley to Team Novo.  Stacy will be joining Novo as Sales and Marketing Assistant, and brings a wealth of creative thinking and energy to our team. Welcome Stacy!!!

Oct. 2016

Announcing ShareNet 2.0! Version 2.0 includes enhancements to the Calendar system.  This provides the ability to create Calendars from any ShareNet app with date fields. ShareNet 2.0 also has an updated theme to bring a fresher look.  ShareNet 2.0 was applied to all ShareNet customer sites on October 26, 2016.  

Aug. 2016 gets a new look! In addition to the new look and feel, we have made it easier for visitors to get information on our application offerings.