Purchase Decision – Time to update your Help Desk Software?

Today, companies everywhere have to reduce costs in all areas to survive.  Many times this involves cutting spending by lowering payroll spending, fine-tuning budgets, and eliminating non-essential spending.  What encompasses essential versus non-essential spending purchase decisions may be dependent on which department you are in, and who is making the budgetary decisions. Our sales team hears these stories every week.  Busy IT folks research our software looking for tools to help them do their jobs [...]

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Using Help Desk Software | Atypical Tracking Part II

Last week we looked at the benefits of bringing help desk software out of IT and into the workplace.  This weeks post speaks to using help desk software to solve a unique human resources problem. Using Help Desk Software for tracking People/Issues An innovative IT technician in a hospital setting uses his help desk software to solve a regulatory compliance issue.  In his state it is required that all employee illnesses be recorded, so that [...]

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Novo Help Desk Software | Tracking Technical Equipment

When we think of help desk software, of course, we think of the “IT help desk”, and with good reason.  Help desk software has bypassed the old methods of emails, spreadsheets and homegrown databases to track requests.  But did you know this same software is ideal for other kinds of workplace tracking? Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at some of the unique ways our customers are using the Novo Help Desk to keep [...]

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Software Solutions | The hidden costs of keeping old software

It can be difficult to wrap your mind around how quickly technology changes.  The MS Office software that seems like it was just installed yesterday is now over five years old.  Lucky for me it is still doing the job, but in many cases using old, outdated software solutions can cause you to lose a lot of money. If you are like most people you are trying to cut costs by lowering spending.  While it [...]

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Reducing Spending | Help Desk Tracking Software

We’re continuing our series this year on reducing spending with the topic of Help Desk Tracking Software.  You may be thinking, “I don’t have a help desk – those are for call centers.”  Well yes, they are, but help desk software is ideal for all kinds of tracking. Businesses track all kinds of things.  Automating that tracking not only improves efficiency but saves money.  If you are relying on spreadsheets you know you have limited [...]

Novo Software…Your Port in the Storm

The past couple weeks have been eventful here in Virginia (our office is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia).  First, we had an earthquake – the first in our region in decades.  Following that, we had a hurricane.  We are grateful to have fared well throughout the storms and pray our customers did as well.  Let Novo Software be your port in the storm. All of this has us thinking about disaster preparedness.  We just never [...]

Help Desk Software | Beyond the IT Help Desk

When you think of help desk software what comes to mind?  Most people think of IT support personnel helping coworkers resolve issues, or customer support representatives providing internal or external support.  Most of us do not think of the other helpful benefits of a help desk software system. A question we ask people is, “What do you track”?  Organizations track all sorts of things such as: Projects Problems People/Issues Equipment And much more What’s distressing [...]

Tracking Software – Employees Medical File

Well done illustration People track many things with our request tracking software, from IT to Facility Maintenance requests and more, but it is always interesting to hear how some people utilize our Tracking Software for their own unique needs.  From a construction site, law office, or a medical office tracking software is flexible, customizable, and easy to use.  Workflows can be tailored to fit your unique requirements.  Do you need to set up thing [...]

Small Business Solutions | Keep Track of Requests

Your business may be small – but your business needs aren’t! Many small business owners think that request tracking, or help desk software is just for call centers or large IT shops, but that is not the case.  Small organizations that have the same need as larger organizations to keep track of requests can benefit greatly from a request tracking solution. It is amazing what people resort to to keep track of requests. Email Manual [...]