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Hidden Software Costs software solutionsIt can be difficult to wrap your mind around how quickly technology changes.  The MS Office software that seems like it was just installed yesterday is now over five years old.  Lucky for me it is still doing the job, but in many cases using old, outdated software solutions can cause you to lose a lot of money.

If you are like most people you are trying to cut costs by lowering spending.  While it is wise to ‘prove’ the need for a new purchase, one must look at the efficiency costs of using an outdated application.

It is a good idea to frequently evaluate your software and ask:  Is this software meeting my needs?  Does it accomplish the things I need it to do?  Is it streamlining processes to decrease manpower time on everyday jobs?  Are details falling through the cracks because of lack of workflow?

Payroll is typically the largest expenses an organization has.  Using the right tools to organize tasks can result in huge reductions in workforce expenses.

Common mindsets to updating software solutions:

  1. Expense- Software can be very expensive.  As in other technologies, you possibly will find that prices have gone done since your last purchase.  Cloud computing is becoming very popular with affordable monthly renewals taking the place of huge up-front investments.  Also, if you are paying for a support contract for your existing application you might find that a cloud-based solution may cost you even less.  With Cloud hosting you will also have the benefit of using the most current version, without the need for internal IT support.
  2. Employee Learning Curve- This is one we all can relate to.  Our jobs are busy.  Who has the time to learn a new program?  While learning a new tool can be a deterrent, in the long run using program that does not do what you need it to do is more frustrating. Many business productivity applications have user interfaces and built-in helps systems to get you up going as quickly as possible.
  3. Lack of time needed to Research- There are some great companies on the Internet that will help you with research – for free!  Online sites, such as Capterra are a great place to look at several vendors from one site.  In search engines, typing ‘review’ after a product keyword will give you helpful information to help in your research.

So as with everything, be sure to ‘count the costs’.  Upgrading an outdated solution can bring big savings and what may seem a cost can save you money in the long-term.  Contact Novo today to learn more about our Software Solutions.