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Last week we looked at the benefits of bringing help desk software out of IT and into the workplace.  This weeks post speaks to using help desk software to solve a unique human resources problem.

Using Help Desk Software for tracking People/Issues

checklistAn innovative IT technician in a hospital setting uses his help desk software to solve a regulatory compliance issue.  In his state it is required that all employee illnesses be recorded, so that on any given day the hospital can check how many employees are out due to illness.  If several employees are out do to the same illness it could be cause for concern of an outbreak.

After several unsuccessful attempts to effectively track this manually, the IT department was tasked with developing a tool to track their employees’ illnesses.  The IT technician quickly realized that no additional software or equipment was needed – the existing help desk system being used in the IT department could be configured to manage this new request for an ‘illness tracker’.

This is another great example of bringing automation to atypical request tracking.  Take a moment and ask yourself, “What do I track?”  For many people the help desk software they are using in IT can have many more uses in the workplace.

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