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hd_onwhite help desk tracking softwareWe’re continuing our series this year on reducing spending with the topic of Help Desk Tracking Software.  You may be thinking, “I don’t have a help desk – those are for call centers.”  Well yes, they are, but help desk software is ideal for all kinds of tracking.

Businesses track all kinds of things.  Automating that tracking not only improves efficiency but saves money.  If you are relying on spreadsheets you know you have limited reporting capabilities.  If you are communicating requests through email you lack cohesive documentation in a single place as well as difficulty knowing the status of a request.  In addition, it is easy for emails to get ‘lost’ and ‘the ball dropped’ if someone is away.  A help desk tracking software application also called a request tracking solution will manage all your requests in a central solution.  Even better, a web-based solution will allow you to track requests from any location – on any computer.

So what kinds of things can you track?  Of course, we have customers that track IT support requests, but we have customers that track all kinds of unique things, such as specialized equipment and even employee illness.

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