CMMS Software Review | No Fluff Questions Answered

I am a consumer just like you. I like my questions answered very straightforward and honest, without a lot of fluff.  So, assuming you’re of similar mindset by the mere fact that you landed on this CMMS Software Review blog post, I hope to answer the top questions as straightforward as possible. Bottom line folks- finding balance, organization, and more efficient daily activities started your search, because you know successful operations are not just about [...]

The 2018 | 100+ Manufacturing, Maintenance Management Resource Guide

When I started working at Novo Solutions, I had no idea how much research I would do.  I wanted to get to know the industries using Asset Management and CMMS Software better.  In other words, I went down the rabbit hole to gain insight into your needs and problems. Why does it matter? Oh, it matters because I gained much more than insight during my self-imposed education.  I stumbled onto so many helpful sites, publications, [...]

Single Sign On and Microsoft Active Directory

Integrate Your Applications To Join Together - Single Sign-On In a perfect world organizations would have a single application that fulfills all of their business needs, sadly this is not possible. While it is a desirable goal to have as much integrated functionality within a single application as possible, even large, very expensive enterprise systems rarely address every need in the desired way. As a result, organizations must consider supplementary applications to address these specific [...]

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The Hidden Costs of Freeware

Let’s say you are tasked with looking for software and in your research, you find freeware. It is very tempting - most of us will at least take a look. After all, why would we buy software we can get for free? Or perhaps you begin by searching for a solid solution that will meet all of your needs, but your budget is lean and you begin looking at scaled down or free solutions that [...]

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Shared Services | Free White Paper

Repeat customers are a building block of most successful businesses, but not so commonplace in the software industry.  Because specialty software is typically a one time purchase, most vendors make just a single sale per customer.  This is not the case at Novo Solutions! Because our solutions are highly flexible and adaptable to multiple departments, what starts out in an IT department finds it's way into other workplace environments.  It just makes sense.  Companies can [...]

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Product Roadmap …helpful or not ?

In today's world of rapidly changing technology, there seem to be lots of conflicting ideas surrounding software product roadmap.   Some industry experts are of the opinion that charting a course for your application and sharing it with your customers is a wonderful idea.  Others say that creating such a product roadmap and sharing it outside of one's own organization is a recipe for disaster.    Several blog posts stated that by the time the new feature is [...]