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Shared Services

Repeat customers are a building block of most successful businesses, but not so commonplace in the software industry.  Because specialty software is typically a one time purchase, most vendors make just a single sale per customer.  This is not the case at Novo Solutions!

Because our solutions are highly flexible and adaptable to multiple departments, what starts out in an IT department finds it’s way into other workplace environments.  It just makes sense.  Companies can purchase and maintain a single solution and use it across multiple departments,  maximizing efficiency and saving money.  When new users are added it is as simple as customizing the configurations to meet that department’s needs and giving us a call to purchase additional administrators licenses.

Here at Novo we love getting calls from long-time customers and learning how they are using our software in new and unique ways.  If you would like to learn more about Novo Shared Service please download our complimentary whitepaper.