BYOD – How is it working for you?

 The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend that surfaced a couple years ago seemed like it was going to be a win-win scenario for companies and employees alike. Employees could use a single, familiar device that they already owned for work, as well as for personal use. At the same time companies did not have the expenses of purchase, training and maintaining a whole new set of IT devices. But has BYOD been the magic [...]

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Simplify With an Asset Management App

One of the big problems with managing assets is keeping asset records up-to-date.  And if the asset records are not accurate, they are not only worthless but can cost you money and lost time.  The proper management of assets allows you to know the location and condition of your assets, maximizing productivity and return on investment.   That's why it's more important than ever to have an asset management app. So, why don't you have an [...]

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BYOD Mobile Security Concerns

In our last post we talked about supporting mobile users and the increase of 'Bring Your Own Device' practices.  Here is a great article from Gartner that speaks to some of the security concerns related to BYOD's. “Shifting from an enterprise-owned mobile device fleet to having employees bringing their own devices has a major impact on the way of thinking and acting about mobile security,” said Dionisio Zumerle, principal research analyst at Gartner. “Policies and [...]

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IT Help Desk | Going Mobile with Your Tablet?

You know that image you have of the typical company help desk?   A ‘techy’ guy sitting behind a desk, answering calls to help people with their PC problems.  Well according to the IDC that is changing rapidly.  Tablet sales are booming and “The savvy IT organization today realizes that this trend is happening and that IT can lead, follow, or become road kill”, according to Bill Laberis, Senior Editorial Director, IDG Enterprise Custom Solutions Group.  [...]

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