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You know that image you have of the typical company help desk?   A ‘techy’ guy sitting behind a desk, answering calls to help people with their PC problems.  Well according to the IDC that is changing rapidly.  Tablet sales are booming and “The savvy IT organization today realizes that this trend is happening and that IT can lead, follow, or become road kill”, according to Bill Laberis, Senior Editorial Director, IDG Enterprise Custom Solutions Group.  In fact it is projected that tablet sales will surpass PC sales this year, 2011.

So how will mobile technology change the everyday tasks for IT help desk personnel?

  1. As tablets are rapidly deployed into the workplace, help desk staff will need to maintain and support them.  Both self help resources and help desk request tracking will need to include tablet management.
  2. Remote technicians themselves will become mobile users.  Knowledge documents, protocol, even request management can be done via a tablet.

What are your organizations plans to go mobile?  We would love to hear how tablets are being used in your environment!

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