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 The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend that surfaced a couple years ago seemed like it was going to be a win-win scenario for companies and employees alike. Employees could use a single, familiar device that they already owned for work, as well as for personal use. At the same time companies did not have the expenses of purchase, training and maintaining a whole new set of IT devices. But has BYOD been the magic bullet it was hoped to be?


“BYOD is popular, but there are still a lot of companies at least attempting to control all mobile device deployment and management,” says Seth Robinson, director of technology analysis at CompTIA. “The number of companies not doing BYOD is a lot higher than you’d think given all the hype around the term.”

If you are considering implementing BYOD in your organization you may want to take a look at a report done by Tom Kaneshige of citing a recent survey done by CompTIA, the IT Industry Trade Association. He discusses some of the outcomes and challenges that have faced BYOD and provides some great data and insight from businesses who have gone that path.

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