How to Succeed at Change Management

Changes in your IT infrastructure can cause unnecessary interruptions to crucial services if change management is not  managed properly, however a new study by Towers Watson has found that only 25% of change management initiatives are successful over the long term.  In order to minimize the number and impact of service outages, you need to ensure that standardized analysis, review & approval processes are followed. Here is some recent research exploring best practices in change management success. New [...]

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Help Desk Software: An Effective Change Management Tool

If your organization is currently using a help desk software tool, such as the Novo ShareNet Help Desk Software, did you know it can perform double duty as an effective change management tool? Change Management facilitates the use of Best Practices for the efficient and prompt handling of all changes to your IT infrastructure. It allows you to: Effectively manage IT changes within your organization Ensure that standardized analysis, review & approval processes are followed Maintain the [...]

The Novo Web Design for Business

Without potentially leaking information to our competition, I’m compelled to say ‘there’s some exciting stuff going on down at Novo.'  I’d like to involve you with it by sharing my experiences and I encourage you to interact with this content as much as you would like. This week, let’s talk web design.  You know … as in corporate web design. The sites we all visit daily to conduct the business of our lives, perform the work [...]

What is Normal Anyway? – Customer Support Business Solutions

It seems like here at Novo Solutions we are always telling everyone how our software helps organizations ‘Do more with less’.   More tasks in less time – More information sharing with less fall through – More productivity with less manpower.  Well, this mindset seems to be the trend in businesses today.  Customer Support Business Solutions is the key to overcoming the current challenges. With recent economic challenges organizations across the globe have had to make [...]

Management Software Cures Audit Phobia

Who doesn't dread the time of year when internal audits are done.  There is the pre-audit scramble to pull everything together.  The actual audit when normal work days come to a halt as you are at the beck and call of the auditor to produce documents.  Then comes the waiting for the final reports.  Not only does this process result in stress and frustration, but in lost time as you are pulled from normal duties [...]

IT Spending -Buy Now to Save Now!

Beware the Cost of Doing Nothing! Companies everywhere are having to save money in all areas just to survive.  Most often this involves cutting spending through reducing payroll, skimming budgets, and minimizing "non-essential" spending.  What constitutes "essential" versus "non-essential" spending may depend on what department you are in and who is making the decision.  IT spending must be tracked to avoid the consequences. Many times we see this at our own software business.  We are researched [...]

Customer Service Software System

Getting the MOST out of your Service Software System. We all love the happy day when we get a new ‘toy'.  Be it a new cell phone, computer, pda, or software system application, it is fun to explore all of the cool ‘bells and whistles'.  As time goes on though, we become familiar with our ‘toys' and use them mostly for our basic needs. As a software system development company, we see this time and [...]

Managing ‘SOX’ with Support Tracking Software

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, also known as the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002 has brought sweeping changes to agencies and businesses since its introduction a few years ago.  Sarbanes-Oxley is concerned with the transparency and accountability of information, and presents new requirements for how public companies record, track, and disclose financial information. Firms must comply with these diverse regulations, depending on where, how and with whom they conduct their [...]