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ClarkGetting the MOST out of your Service Software System.

We all love the happy day when we get a new ‘toy’.  Be it a new cell phone, computer, pda, or software system application, it is fun to explore all of the cool ‘bells and whistles’.  As time goes on though, we become familiar with our ‘toys’ and use them mostly for our basic needs.

As a software system development company, we see this time and time again with our own clients.  It’s just human nature.  People come to us with a specific pain point.  Our software system solves their problem, and many folks gravitate towards using the same tools on a day-to-day basis.  This is great!  They are happy and we are delighted to serve, but many times there remain huge untapped benefits simply because people do not look deeper.

In our business, people often purchase our support software system simply to track incidents.  When they learn that it can do so much more to help them to automate their business processes they are amazed.  There it is – already at their fingertips.

So whatever your ‘toy’ do youself a favor and take some time to revisit your support documentation or contact your support rep.  Now that you are familiar with the basics you can go deeper and will no doubt find an untapped gem beneath the surface.

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