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Who doesn’t dread the time of year when internal audits are done.  There is the pre-audit scramble to pull everything together.  The actual audit when normal work days come to a halt as you are at the beck and call of the auditor to produce documents.  Then comes the waiting for the final reports.  Not only does this process result in stress and frustration, but in lost time as you are pulled from normal duties for the ‘event’.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a tool to help with your company’s internal audit process?  Well, Novo’s Management Sofware is here to fix your audit phobia.

Change Management Software is an excellent tool for supporting internal organizational audits.  A change management tool will facilitate efficient and timely handling of all changes, ensuring that approved methods are utilized and appropriate processes and procedures are used to track all changes.

A change management software tool:

  • Is an easy to use tool to enter and track change requests. All requests are housed within one system and can be easily viewed and updated.
  • Allows for repeatable processes to be automatically routed within your organization, allowing key players to approve or carry out tasks. A built-in workflow tool will auto launch tasks to predefined personnel or departments.
  • Provides documented reporting and specific metrics valuable to your audit. The tool will track the history of changes and approvals as well as documenting dates and times. You can track and ensure that approved standards were utilized, and schedule timed reports to self-audit along the way.

Change Management Software is an excellent tool to support management and staff, not only with the documentation required for audit, but also for ensuring you are utilizing best practices year round, and do not have any end-of-year surprises.