Share with Others

Without potentially leaking information to our competition, I’m compelled to say ‘there’s some exciting stuff going on down at Novo.’  I’d like to involve you with it by sharing my experiences and I encourage you to interact with this content as much as you would like.

This week, let’s talk web design.  You know … as in corporate web design. The sites we all visit daily to conduct the business of our lives, perform the work we do and the tasks associated with – well – most everything.

Here at Novo, we’ve been working on the redesign of our corporate site. Conceptualization – sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Well let me be the first to say, ‘it’s not.’ There are a huge number of compromises involved with the creation of any site, even more so when the site in question will essentially function as the ‘front door’ of your organization. It MUST be successful.  It HAS to be as ‘perfect’ as possible.  Lives and fortunes rest on this project!

I would like to take you guys through some of the decisions we’ve faced, are facing and will face.  While doing so, I cannot say how much I encourage your feedback and interaction. It helps broaden our perspective, enabling us to deliver a higher quality experience for everyone.