Shared Services

Reduce costs by using a single support application across multiple departments.  Flexible settings customize the software to each department’s needs while keeping data segregated and secure.  Watch video to learn more (under two minutes).

The Problem

The lack of a central, cohesive request and communications system presents a wide range of challenges to many organizations.

Shared Services

  • Employees have a hard time finding the information they need to do their jobs
  • Time is lost with back and forth correspondence
  • If strict adherence to standard processes and procedures is not maintained, regulatory compliance could be adversely affected
  • Requests can “fall through the cracks” without a tracking system
  • Paper forms and email have the inherent problem of manual routing and lack of trace ability
  • Typically, no single department can justify purchasing an electronic request management system on their own

Often organizations will utilize different tracking methods in different departments. This is costly to implement and maintain, and reporting is independent and not cohesive.

What would be the value of a Shared Services System where employees had a central “Go To” location to get everything they need – access to policies, procedures, documents, etc. and the ability to submit and track requests for multiple departments?

The Solution – Shared Services

Consolidate multi-departmental information and service requests into a single Intranet web portal that enables users to quickly and easily find the information they need, and submit and track service requests for all departments

Key Shared Services Features At A Glance:

  • Customizable Fields & Forms – allow forms to be easily tailored for each department’s unique type of requests
  • Centralized Web Portal – provides a central location for accessing essential information, submitting requests and tracking progress across departments
  • Flexible Business Rules – provides automated routing of requests based on various conditions or types of forms
  • Powerful Workflows – allows standard work processes/procedures to be defined and followed
  • Custom Report/Chart Builder – provides the ability to easily select and report on the tables and fields you need information from
  • Executive Dashboard – provides departmental and senior management with vital performance metrics

Here’s How Shared Services Works:

Shared Services Process

  1. Employee is auto-authenticated, completes form and submits a request
  2. Request is automatically routed to the appropriate department for response
  3. All requests are tracked and managed in the centralized Novo Shared Services system
  4. Requests requiring multiple steps are divided and disseminated to key staff members as “Tasks”
  5. Once all tasks are completed the request is closed and the originator is notified
  6. System automatically emails detailed reports / metrics to the appropriate managers analysis

Shared Services Applications
A shared services operation is an ideal solution for many organizations, including:

  • IT Shared Services
  • HR Shared Services
  • Health Care Shared Services
  • Government Shared Services
  • Banking & Credit Union Shared Services
  • General Shared Services Environment

Implementing a Shared Services environment will increase organizational performance while maintaining compliance to standards or regulations.  The central dashboard reporting provides management with insight of performance, all the while costs are reduced by using a single system.

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