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Help Desk Software that helps you effectively track, share and report on tickets to optimize your IT Help Desk and deliver results.

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Save time, maximize productivity, increase communication and make
better informed decisions with our scalable, adaptable and automated IT Help Desk.

How Can I Maximize Help Desk Staff Productivity?

Create, track, share and update tickets, and get complete, closed loop ticket resolution with the ShareNet IT help desk software.

  • Automated manual processes
  • Manage virtually any kind of request
  • Multi-departmental access
  • Alerts to trigger action

Our cloud based help desk software automates and optimizes tech support operations, manages any kind of request, provides immediate web and mobile access to help desk and support staff along with email alerts, all to ensure SLAs are met.

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IT Help Desk Software

How Can I Automate Communication with Users and Improve Overall Reporting?

The power to make smarter technical support decisions lies in better analytics and reporting, including helping managers see summarized data on the types of tickets being submitted and who is submitting them. Users also appreciate increased communication when changes are made to their tickets.

  • Customized dashboard analytics
  • Robust reporting, including scheduled reports
  • Increased customer visibility with the end user portal
  • Automated email notifications when tickets are added or updated

Our IT help desk software empowers technical support staff and their managers to make smarter, data-driven decisions through detailed reporting, and gives end users a portal through which they can monitor the status of their tickets for peace of mind.

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Help Desk Software

Where Can I Find a Help Desk Software Tool That Grows with Our Workload?

Our cloud hosting environment can be changed quickly to increase server capacity as needed, and our automated work flows and robust tracking, sharing and reporting capabilities are fully customizable.

  • Scalable system
  • Flexible ticket input sources
  • Automated, adaptable work flows
  • Flexible, customizable forms, fields, email templates, charts, reports and more

Tailor the system to your needs. Forms can be customized by type of request, support tickets can be submitted from multiple sources, and automated work flows, including SLAs, scheduled tasks, departmental routing, and more can be defined by you.

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Scalable Help Desk Software

Are There Ways to Improve Our Turnaround Times?

Automatic email to ticket creation, mobile device access and powerful report building tools greatly reduce the time spent managing tickets.

  • Increased mobility and convenience
  • Automatic email to ticket creation
  • Dashboards and reports help manage tickets
  • End User Portal reduces phone calls from employees and clients

With our IT help desk software, team members can stop wasting time searching through emails, copying and pasting tickets into a system, tracking down their status, and being tied to a desktop / laptop computer to manage tickets.

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