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Living in The Freeze – Help Desk Annual Subscription

With the economy still suffering, many businesses are having to continue to maintain and grow operations with frozen budgets.  This makes it especially difficult when resources are needed for vital equipment and software. Every day our sales staff gets calls from people searching for solutions to streamline their request processes.  A number of those calls turn into customers – some may select another solution – but many find themselves halting their quest for software because they [...]

Software Deployment Options

IT professionals today have high expectations with regard to the software tools they use to track and manage their customer issues.    Almost everyone who is researching Help Desk software is looking for an application that has the most powerful feature set at the best price with the simplest software deployment options. Some providers of Help Desk software offer various software deployment options for their solutions. This means that there are additional options that need to [...]

Maximize Budgetary Allowances – Help Desk Software

It may feel like the year is just half way through, but for many organizations, including our government friends, the year is quickly winding down.  It is not unusual for us to get last minute inquiries in September from agencies looking to make allocated year end purchases for needed solutions.  While we welcome these calls, we encourage agencies to begin their search now to gather as much information as possible to get the best solution [...]

Grow Your Novo Software App's that time of year to take a thoughtful look at your tools and procedures to see where performance can be improved.  We recommend you take a good look at your Novo Software App. Many people purchase our software for an initial purpose and later learn that it can do so much more.  For some this means adding modules to increase functionality within a single department while for other is means rolling it into other [...]

Got Workflow – Help Desk Software Solutions (Part 2)

All organizations have them - repetitive tasks that are not complicated, but easily get delayed or fall through the cracks because they are pushed through a manual system by people in various departments. For example let's take a look at a standard Human Resource new hire process: New employee ‘Bob' is hired. There are certain tasks that take place with every new hire and these may vary based upon his department. Bob needs to fill [...]

Novo Report Writer -Help Desk Software Solutions (Part 1)

Feed your ‘Analytic' (or your Analytic side) Every office has them.  Those amazing people who think in exacting detail and can perform complex mathematic calculations in their head.  It's easy to get them excited - just show them a chart, graph or a spreadsheet and they light right up. One of the most favored features of the Novo support software is the superior reporting tools.  In addition to traditional pre-built management reports, the Novo report [...]

The Benefits of Web Self Service in a Downturn Economy

Here we go again - another post about the importance of customer service.  The reports keep coming in, but do we really believe them?  When businesses are being forced to run leaner than ever it is difficult NOT to make cuts in all areas, including customer support. After all, will people really notice?  Maybe just a little cut won't be noticed...will it? In their recent Customer Experience Index Report, Forrester Research reminds us that "Your [...]