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Here we go again – another post about the importance of customer service.  The reports keep coming in, but do we really believe them?  When businesses are being forced to run leaner than ever it is difficult NOT to make cuts in all areas, including customer support. After all, will people really notice?  Maybe just a little cut won’t be noticed…will it?

In their recent Customer Experience Index Report, Forrester Research reminds us that “Your customer is your biggest asset.  While most firms are dealing with rough economic times, they can’t let customer experience fall on the back burner.”  There it is again, but what can you do when something has to give?

Take a hard look at your customer support call logs.  How many calls are coming in that could be managed through web self service?  It is worth investing in your public knowledge base so that customers can try to find their own answers.

The web self Service Excellence Research Group states that 83% of consumers indicate that their primary source for non-technical customer service information are company web sites. Customers prefer to find answers to their questions online and businesses realize a cost savings with fewer support calls.

So there we said it again.  Guide your customer to help themselves with online self support.  Web self service  will enhance customer support and reduce call volume, thereby reducing costs.