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Feed your ‘Analytic’ (or your Analytic side)46_reports

Every office has them.  Those amazing people who think in exacting detail and can perform complex mathematic calculations in their head.  It’s easy to get them excited – just show them a chart, graph or a spreadsheet and they light right up.

One of the most favored features of the Novo support software is the superior reporting tools.  In addition to traditional pre-built management reports, the Novo report writer allows managers to build custom reports in just minutes.

The Novo Report Writer wizard guides super admin users down the path to building a report that is appropriately formatted and easy to read. The tool is simple to use and easy to understand, and follows an intuitive flow for generating unlimited reports.

The Novo Report Writer addresses all steps in the reporting process allowing for optional design elements, flexible management controls, and is seamlessly integrated with the Novo management portal.  Since the Report Writer is completely database driven, every table structure within the Novo database can be mined for data, resulting in a wealth of reporting possibilities.

Once the reports are created, simply set up the portal dashboard with the reports you would like displayed.  Reports can be viewed as graphs and charts, drilled into for more detailed data, and exported to excel if desired.

So if you have an associate who is ‘an analytic’, or if that is you, come take a look at our reporting dashboard – we think you will be impressed!   Contact us for a free demo or trial.