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With the economy still suffering, many businesses are having to continue to maintain and grow operations with frozen budgets.  This makes it especially difficult when resources are needed for vital equipment and software.

Every day our sales staff gets calls from people searching for solutions to streamline their request processes.  A number of those calls turn into customers – some may select another solution – but many find themselves halting their quest for software because they do not get budgetary approval.

Not only is this disappointing for us, because we know how much time and money will be saved by streamlining their processes, but it forces essential departments to not have the opportunity to work at optimal levels.  They are never given the opportunity to demonstrate a profit past the initial return on investment.

But let’s face it, any investment can be prohibitive when the cash flow is not there.  That is no reason to close the door on essential software purchases.  A ‘cloud based’ hosted solution, where software services are ‘rented’ so to speak, can be a good interim solution.  The up front costs are very low and the monthly fee is predictable.  A licensed, in-house version can be purchased at a later date when budgets open up (although many organizations choose to remain hosted to reduce demands on their IT departments).

For those requiring an in-house solution, an annual subscription service may be just the thing.  Software is licensed for in-house use (data is retained in-house) and is ‘rented’ on an annual basis.  This reduces higher up front costs.

So if you are still in need of a help desk solution annual subscription and the project has been shelved due to finances – please take a look at all your purchase options.  There may be a win-win in the picture for everybody!

In-house purchased, Cloud (hosted) and Annual subscription versions of all of the Novo suite of products are available – please contact us for a quote and free trial.