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With so many help desk solutions on the market these days, it is essential to make a requirements list before beginning research.  Some considerations are:

Deployment Options: Help desk solutions comes in multiple deployment options.  You should consider all of the costs when deciding which option is best for you.

  • Hosted: Sometimes called ‘cloud computing’, the software is hosted on the vendors server.
  • Licensed Purchased: you purchase and own the software – it is housed and managed on your server by your staff.
  • Annual Subscription: you purchase the software for a limited time use – like licensed, it sits on your server.

Users: How many and what kind of users will you have?  Some vendors charge for the number of administrator licenses while others charge for the number of end users using the system.

  • Administrators: Administrator licensing allows management certain privileges to control settings, create workflow, etc.  within the application.
  • End Users: End users do not have administrative ‘permissions’ – they typically only make requests within the tool, and have access to a knowledge base, when enabled.

Other important considerations are the essential features you need, the ability for the software to grow and change as your business needs change, remote and mobile , and support and upgrade costs.

Charting these requirements will help expedite your research and ensure you are getting everything you need in your help desk software.

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