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When you think of help desk software what comes to mind?  Most people think of IT support personnel helping coworkers resolve issues, or customer support representatives providing internal or external support.  Most of us do not think of the other helpful benefits of a help desk software system.

help deskA question we ask people is, “What do you track”?  Organizations track all sorts of things

such as:

  • Projects
  • Problems
  • People/Issues
  • Equipment
  • And much more

What’s distressing is that many organizations track with inadequate tools.  Some use manual methods as remedial as post-it notes and paper, other use Excel, but because these tools are not intended for tracking they are very limiting.  They miss the benefits of:

  • Viewing and managing all issues at a glance by category, issue, priority, etc.
  • Reporting
  • Automated workflow task assignment

One of the things that we love around here is when our customers take their Novo Help Desk software into other departments.  Because of its flexible and secure permission controls each department can have its own data and reporting, ensuring their information is kept secure.  They do not need to buy additional software; they simply purchase additional licenses for the added users.  It’s that easy!

So we ask you, what do you track?  Chances are it can be tracked better in a help desk request tracking system.  If you are presently running the Novo Help Desk software in your company we encourage you to share it with other users.  If you do not have the Novo Help Desk give us a call and we’ll set you up for a free trial!

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