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Computerized Maintenance Management Software the Dollars and Cents – Video Blog

(Written Narration of Blog Post published 12/14/2017 https://novosolutions.com/cmms-systems-dollars-cents/) So, what are the direct and indirect costs? Software license fees —They are usually paid annually or month to month. In essence, you rent the software. Meaning, you aren’t responsible for updates or back-ups and you can count on good phone support and improvements over time. Set up fees and costs Vendors usually charge a one-time set-up fee unless further data migration is required down [...]

Top 7 Things to Consider When Evaluating a CMMS System

A CMMS system (computerized maintenance management software) automate many of the logistical functions performed by maintenance staff. Typical CMMS functions include work order generation, historical tracking of work orders, tracking of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities, storing of maintenance procedures and complete parts and materials inventory control. Organizations that deploy a CMMS system are able to realize a variety of benefits, including a significant increase in maintenance productivity, reduction in equipment downtime, savings in material [...]

What is CMMS and How Does It Save You Money?

  I get asked frequently, what is CMMS and how does it save me money.  Granted, CMMS software hasn’t always been around for years, small and medium-sized businesses in the past have used a system of Excel spreadsheets to keep track of which equipment needs a scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) check. It’s old school folks. Using old-school spreadsheets for scheduling PM and keeping records for each machine does have some drawbacks, such as knowing where the [...]

Work Order System Metrics Cheat Sheet

How do you provide your municipality with a summary of complete or incomplete maintenance activities?  A work order system should allow you to show the status of ongoing work, such as work orders closed in the last three months and the costs associated? The only way I see having effective work order metrics is through accurate data. So, you’ve heard of work order metrics, but what exactly are you supposed to measure with a work order [...]

Knowledge Management Software | Locate Information

CAPTURE AND SHARE PROCEDURES AND INFORMATION Kris felt like a juggling clown with all the scattered data, information, and procedures.  This struggle was causing some serious risk at Shelivay.  She needed accurate, reliable, and locatable information from maintenance staff and plant floor operators.  Not having a centralized repository for captured information makes it extremely challenging to make any predictive or preventative decisions.   Knowledge management software captures the information and knowledge that could potentially bridge the gap between [...]

Spare Parts Inventory Management Software

USING SPARE PARTS INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE AT SHELIVAY MANUFACTURING  As we wrap up the series about Kris Camden, Plant Manager - let's talk today about a spare parts management software system and how it affects maintenance and overall production.  Kris had repairs on the wait list, parts to order, and downtime backing up.  Workers were waiting for parts to be delivered before repairs could begin.  Unavailable and unordered parts were the primary reason for delayed [...]

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Software | Questions for Service Providers

How do you track your maintenance tasks and work orders?  I ask this because without tracking and good management, putting out fires becomes a way of life. Take the time to answer honestly a few questions. When do you have the time to organize your system?  Check behind your technician’s? Follow-up with your customer relationships? How do you manually handle the workflow?  What would happen if you had a more organized, advanced intelligent heavy equipment [...]

Asset Management System | Let it do the Work!

With only 2 posts remaining, let us continue with the story of Kris Camden and the Shelivay asset management system. Preserve and Maintain Assets  Waste was a rampant issue at Shelivay because they didn’t track and maintain their assets.  Technicians were waiting around for equipment, tools weren’t available, or they were doing the same job twice because asset maintenance wasn’t properly recorded. This principle holds true in everyday life. Consider budgeting, as an example.  As [...]

Equipment Management | Stop Downtime in It’s Tracks

Equipment Management  I encourage you to read the previous post- CMMS Maintenance Standards.  Equipment management was poor on a good day but Kris was intimidated by the research, approval, and implementation process of purchasing a CMMS.  But she needed a maintenance system that ensured faster turnaround time for PM tasks and routine maintenance.  She had so many questions. What was equipment downtime costing their bottom line? Would there be a positive ROI on a CMMS software purchase?   [...]

CMMS Maintenance Standards — What You Need

As we continue on this journey with Shelivay Manufacturing, I encourage you to read the 2 previous posts, beginning with: Maintenance Management System Part I – The Audition.  Shelivay was using the old-school method of managing repairs with mountains of paper that included warranty info, parts, work orders, notes, and inspections.  Automating this process guarantees visibility into the repair history, dates of service, authorizations, and other pertinent information.  Kris needed to set CMMS maintenance standards and [...]

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