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Asset Management Software – Take the Leap!

Making the decision to invest in asset management software is daunting at best.  The mere thought alone can send even the most level-headed into a tailspin.  That’s why it’s important to know the areas you expect a return on your investment. The cost should be offset by the gains. Let’s face it, paper isn’t dynamic.  Workers out in the field are deprived of valuable data that may be crucial to their jobs, such as asset [...]

20 Reasons Municipal Government Software Makes Life Easier

Knowledge and information are akin to having money in the bank, and likewise, municipal government software keeps knowledge and information accurate and useful.  Because you reduce costs by utilizing lessons learned and documenting best practices. Having access to this knowledge can be a challenge. Many of us know a person who seems to have all the answers, or if they don’t have them, they will find them.  They always have wisdom and solutions up their [...]

Facility Management Work Order Solution

What is a Facility Management Work Order Solution and what should you consider? Today’s leading Facility Management experts seem to be offering many of the same tips and guidelines pertaining to selecting and implementing the Facility Management work order solution software that is the best for your organization.  These software applications are also known across the industry as CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems).   However you choose to refer to this type of solution, one thing [...]

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