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Work Order System Metrics Cheat Sheet

How do you provide your municipality with a summary of complete or incomplete maintenance activities?  A work order system should allow you to show the status of ongoing work, such as work orders closed in the last three months and the costs associated? The only way I see having effective work order metrics is through accurate data. So, you’ve heard of work order metrics, but what exactly are you supposed to measure with a work order [...]

The Best 50+ Municipal Websites for Officials & Administrators

Municipal Websites Last Update (1/22/18)  App for Everything Municipalities are constantly growing and changing. Sometimes that’s a good thing and other times, not so much.  Do you ever scratch your head and wonder what it would take to be more productive and innovative?  I know I’m always looking for better ways to manage my tasks and time. Perhaps that’s because there is an app for nearly everything I do.  I even have an app that [...]

6 Ways to Simplify with Local Government Asset System

What are municipal assets?  These assets provide services to your community.  Municipal assets provide essential, non-essential, and supplementary services to the community.  It's important to simplify with a local government asset system. Local governments maintain capital-intensive assets, with water and sewer systems as just a few of the most expensive assets to manage.  To reduce costs, it’s crucial to focus on maintenance and repairs, as well as to inspect and track these assets with regular [...]

20 Reasons Municipal Government Software Makes Life Easier

Knowledge and information are akin to having money in the bank, and likewise, municipal government software keeps knowledge and information accurate and useful.  Because you reduce costs by utilizing lessons learned and documenting best practices. Having access to this knowledge can be a challenge. Many of us know a person who seems to have all the answers, or if they don’t have them, they will find them.  They always have wisdom and solutions up their [...]

Public Works Software | Incredible for Public Works Departments!

Good planning and management lead to successful capital projects and efficient performance. From small to large, projects require teamwork, preparation, review, and approval.  Local governments must make wise capital investment decisions and reduce the cost of maintaining those investments while providing a method to show measurable improvement and results to the city council.  Furthermore, public work order software can help public works departments streamline their processes and enable more efficient use of limited resources.  Using [...]

City Government Software – Results for City Managers

Today’s city managers are tasked with budgeting around an infrastructure that has limited capacity for growth, making it a challenge to address the changing needs of the community.  Effectively implementing even simple changes requires the documentation, tracking, and measurement of work performance against operational standards to determine the information needed to manage a well-organized government. To that end, city managers and council members need visibility into factors such as labor, materials, and contracted work, that [...]

Municipal Asset Management Software – It’s Not Just For Large Municipalities

Large and small municipalities alike share common citizen issues. Providing services, ensuring safety and promoting sound communication is essential to a healthy public works operation. But keeping up with municipal work orders can be challenging for small and mid-size cities (or villages) who may have the same management issues, but not the same budget as larger cities. Fortunately, Municipal Asset Management Software, a Cloud-based solution is making it possible for small and mid-size communities [...]

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Government Cloud Computing – It’s for You Too!

Could You Use Government Cloud Computing Institutions, such as government and banking have typically steered clear of cloud computing because of their need to ensure maximum levels of data security. But advances in protective safeguards are allowing more organizations to adopt the benefits of Cloud computing.  Government cloud computing is no longer a may be possible, it is a must be possible. What's the big deal with government cloud computing for Municipalities? Flexibility: you don't [...]

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Novo Solutions & Public Stuff — Boost Philly 311 Citizen Call Center

Citizen Relationship Management Portal Like peanut butter and jelly, some things that are great individually are even better joined together; that is the case when Novo Solutions and Public Stuff came together with Citizen Relationship Management to help enhance city 311 services for the citizens of Philadelphia. The City of Philadelphia currently (2012) uses the Novo Citizen Relationship Management Software to track issues in their Philly 311 citizen services program.  It is a great tool [...]

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Knowledge Base Workflow Tool | Preparing the way for Government

Transparency with a Knowledge Base Workflow Tool are hearing about it more and more in the news today. Government and businesses alike are working towards a more transparent model, where disclosure and collaboration amongst organizations and customers are becoming the new standard. Whether it has come about to rebuild public trust or is just an evolution of mature practices, the movement towards transparency is moving in quickly.  That's why it is integral to have [...]