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Citizen Relationship Management

Citizen Relationship Management Portal

Like peanut butter and jelly, some things that are great individually are even better joined together; that is the case when Novo Solutions and Public Stuff came together with Citizen Relationship Management to help enhance city 311 services for the citizens of Philadelphia.

The City of Philadelphia currently (2012) uses the Novo Citizen Relationship Management Software to track issues in their Philly 311 citizen services program.  It is a great tool to help agents log requests and manage/report citizen issues.  The city, wanting to take their 311 services directly to their citizens through mobile, purchased the PublicStuff mobile application to enhance their 311 system.  The results have been outstanding!

Just a few benefits: 

Keep citizens up to date with a custom citizen relationship management portal page that gives them instant access to city news, events, and more. It also allows them to easily submit and review requests online.

  • Increased visibility with the public facing portal
  • 24/7 web and mobile access
  • Simple to use citizen relationship management software
  • Fully searchable knowledge base for staff and citizens
  • Manage routine correspondence (welcome letter, planned work, code enforcement) with responsive automatic workflows

Novo Solutions municipal software gives citizens and staff around-the-clock access to the information they need, including a fully searchable knowledge base and citizen relationship management communication portal.

Collect, organize and manage all request submissions through the web portal, mobile app, emails, calls or other systems you have in place.

  • Manage any request from any device, anywhere
  • Time-saving built-in workflows including alerts or emails to trigger actions
  • Share data with personnel from public works and other municipal departments
  • Automated email notifications when requests are added or updated

With our versatile municipal software, requests can be managed from anywhere, anytime. Built-in workflows automatically route requests based on category, or other criteria, saving time and reducing correspondence.  From taking care of maintenance requests to keeping citizens happy, Novo Solutions has the software to fit your needs.

For more information on the Novo Solutions, Citizen Relationship Management Software see: