Manufacturing Maintenance

Track, share and report on equipment, maintenance history, inventory and costs across your organization with the flexible Novo ShareNet web and mobile cloud platform.

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Improve productivity, automate maintenance, get custom reports and reduce operational costs with our ShareNet maintenance management software.

What’s the best way to optimize my customer support operations?

We can help build customer satisfaction and resolve issues faster through better communication, reporting and request management processes, including our convenient customer portal.

  • Streamline support operations and automate SLA trigger actions
  • Improve communication and reporting with personalized dashboard
  • Auto assign requests to the appropriate department for resolution
  • Create flexible, customizable forms, fields, email templates, charts, reports and more

Customer requests can be submitted via multiple sources, forms can be customized by type of request, and automated work flows set up to help you serve your customers better.

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What can help me keep track of all of my assets?

Track, share and report on any asset, always know their value, condition and location,  while maintaining  and utilizing them more effectively with the Novo ShareNet web and mobile cloud platform.

  • Better Organization & Control and improved visibility by reporting on any asset, anywhere, any time
  • Adaptable and scalable with customizable forms, fields, email templates, charts, reports and more
  • Improve asset utilization by knowing exactly which assets you have, where they are located and the status
  • Keep track of purchase information, asset maintenance schedules, their depreciated value, and more, so you can assess and maintain the lifespan and value of those assets.

Our asset management software allows you to easily modify forms, record lists, fields and email templates, attach documents or photos to your records, and tailor the system to keep track of all of your manufacturing equipment.

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What can help me get the best performance and longest life from my equipment?

Simplify maintenance management, reduces response and down times, schedule preventative maintenance and create customize reports for sharing information and best practices with ShareNet.

  • Create, access and update assets and work orders from your office or in the field
  • Properly maintained equipment has a longer life, and with repair history and maintenance tips just a tap away, equipment and machinery can be repaired faster, reducing downtime.
  • Create flexible, customizable forms, fields, email templates, charts, reports and more
  • Improve visibility by reporting on anything, anywhere, any time

Manage your equipment and work orders from your office or in the field, make repairs faster with information at your fingertips, and report on anything from anywhere and at any time with our maintenance management software.

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