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The Problem

Government Support SolutionsRepresentatives in local, state and Federal Government continue to see a rise in customer expectations.  Both internal and external customers are demanding timely, responsive support to their requests.  E-Customers want up-to-date, 24/7, self help with the ability to submit and receive updates on their requests.  Inefficient, reactive responses are no longer sufficient.

Front line support personnel need proactive, efficient models of support.  The ability to quickly manage and resolve customer requests and update customer support related information is key to success.

The Solutions

IT Departments:
Our web based Novo Customer Support Suite was designed to help you provide responsive support and share knowledge across departments, agencies and offices.  It combines our powerful, easy to use Novo Knowledge Base with an integrated Help Desk/Request Tracking solution to provide complete customer support as a government software solution.  Multiple departmental support queues allow you to easily manage requests for both internal and/or external customers.

The Novo Knowledge Base allows you to effectively and easily capture and re-use knowledge in a central location.  This knowledge can be easily secured at the department level so it is accessible to the appropriate personnel.

Citizen Request Management:
Effectively managing citizen requests, whether it be for small or large populations, is one of the most vital responsibilities of any government agency. Cities and counties alike must respond to citizens’ requests with a high level of responsiveness and quality service, and provide timely feedback for those requests.

The Novo Citizen Request Manager (CRM) is a turn-key tracking solution for municipal, city and county agencies. With the Novo Citizen Request Manager government agencies are empowered to deliver improved citizen service levels and responsiveness within a centralized system to effectively track, route and manage citizen requests.

What Can It Do For You?

  • Better & Faster Customer Support: provides quicker problem resolution and 24/7 Web customer self service
  • Reduced Inefficiencies: reduces call volume allowing existing support representatives to serve more customers
  • Reduced Training Time: provides the ability for new and existing personnel to acquire job knowledge faster, reducing training time and providing higher job quality resulting in fewer mistakes
  • Organize & Track Requests Across Departments: Distributed Help Desk Management allows each department or group within your organization/agency to manage their own support/request/project queue.  Support managers and departmental/agency CIOs can view/manage all queues.

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