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The Problem

Banking SoftwareRecent changes in banking regulations have brought an increased demand for accountability and documentation reporting.  Maintaining full compliance with the policies of federal and state regulatory agencies is essential, and optimizing these processes is central to ensuring efficiency.  From basic IT Operations to Human Resource practices, important information must be captured, documented and easily accessible for reporting. Independent solutions that are not integrated and do not ‘talk’ to one another necessitate more time to compose reports and increase the occurrence of mistakes.

The Solution

Available individually, or as a robust support ‘suite’, Novo Solutions offers Change Management, Help Desk and Knowledge Management software solutions for banking compliance.

Banking Solutions

Banking Compliance Software Solutions:

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Novo Change Manager
Best practices in change management require that approved methods are utilized and appropriate processes and procedures are followed to track all changes.  The Novo Change Manager facilitates the efficient and timely handling of all changes and provides necessary reporting including detailed documentation of key processes and changes.  Our flexible software easily adapts to your unique workflow,  allowing pre-defined or on-the-fly tasks (including approval processes) to be carried out by the proper individuals.

The Novo Change Manager documents and manages all changes throughout the request lifecycle including:

  1. Initial request for change
  2. The impact and analysis of the proposed change
  3. Approval process
  4. Implementation of the change
  5. Post implementation and review

The Novo Change Manager will also maintain the proper balance between the need for change and the potential detrimental impact of changes.

One of the most powerful features of the Novo software is it’s robust reporting tool.  In addition to containing pre-defined reports, the easy to use Custom Report Builder allows you to build reports and detailed charts in minutes.  The end result is what we like to refer to as “Metrics on Demand”.  Auditors are often quite impressed when one of our Bank clients is able to quickly provide them with a non-standard report in minutes, rather than hours or days.

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Novo Help Desk
Whether you are tracking requests in IT, Human Resources or Facilities/Maintenance, the Novo Help Desk is a powerful tracking tool that can be used for managing internal and/or external requests.  Customizable group permission settings allow you to use the same core software across multiple departments.  Through Admin Management controls, information is view or managed based solely on ‘need to know’.

Our highly customizable workflow module (optional) automates common processes, assigning requests to the appropriate department.  Once a workflow is launched, instantaneous email notifications can be sent from the Novo system.  These alerts will prompt key team members to give their approval or to complete a specific task. What’s best is the system documents activity all along the way!

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Novo Knowledge Base
The Novo Knowledge Base is a robust tool for organizing and sharing knowledge.  Whether you need it for customer self-support or internal communication, the easy to use editor allows you to post articles in minutes.  Flexible permissions allow you to designate which individual or department can view information, ensuring security.

The subscription feature notifies managers when changes are made to articles, and the powerful workflow tool automates tasks and approvals, auto generating email notifications.

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