Banking Simplified with ShareNet

Manage requests, share knowledge, document changes, and generate reports across your banking organization with the flexible Novo ShareNet web and mobile platform.

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sharenetStreamline processes, communicate with your employees and customers, and collect compliance documentation in a single or multiple banking locations with ShareNet
by Novo Solutions.

ShareNet Platform Features

How can I provide fast resolutions to IT issues to keep my staff productive?

Simplify your IT Operations to resolve issues faster and more efficiently on the ShareNet platform.

  • Create, track, share and update tickets for closed loop ticket resolution
  • Automate communication with users and improve reporting
  • Scalable system delivers automated workflows, streamlining ticket tracking
  • Save time with automatic email-to-ticket creation

Our cloud-based IT request software automates and optimizes your support operations, utilizing email templates, workflow automation, and email alerts to ensure SLAs are met.

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What’s the best way to optimize my customer support operations?

We can help build customer satisfaction and resolve issues faster through better communication, reporting and request management processes, including our convenient customer portal.

  • Streamline support operations and automate SLA trigger actions
  • Improve communication and reporting with personalized dashboard
  • Auto assign requests to the appropriate department for resolution
  • Create flexible, customizable forms, fields, email templates, charts, reports and more

Customer requests can be submitted via multiple sources, forms can be customized by type of request, and automated work flows set upto help you serve your customers better.

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Where can I centralize knowledge to share with my employees and customers?

Organize all of your important company knowledge into a central repository, and set secure permissions to designate ‘who can see what’ with the ShareNet Knowledge Base software.

  • Create a customer facing knowledge baseto answer FAQ’s
  • Host important employee documents such as procedures, training documents and forms
  • Provide 24/7 web customer self-service
  • Create secure, customized portal views foreach department

Reduce customer calls, support agents, and retain employee knowledge in this highly searchable, easy-to-use knowledge management tool.

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Case Study

ABNB Federal Credit Union

The IT department at ABNB needed a more powerful support solution than the popular help desk software they had in place. Moving beyond IT, the flexible Novo software is also being utilized in the company’s operations center and call center, consolidating processes and saving money.

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Bringing Help Desk Software out of IT and into the work place.

Asking yourself the question “what do I track” opens the door to the possibility of streamlining processes used for tracking ordinary (and not so ordinary) things.  Just think of the benefits of automating the business process for managing whatever it is you are required to keep track of.  Check out many of the ways you can use a help desk system across multiple departments

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Computing in the Novo Cloud

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SaaS versus Cloud Solutions?

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