Health Care Simplified with ShareNet

Provide IT support, manage assets, maintain facilities, and generate reports across your hospital departments with the flexible Novo ShareNet web and mobile platform.

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Simplify your campuses IT Help Desk, Effectively Manage Assets and Streamline
Facility maintenance on a single web and mobile platform with ShareNet by Novo Solutions.

How can I provide fast IT support for our employees?

Simplify your IT Operations to resolve issues faster and more efficiently on the ShareNet platform.

  • Create, track, share and update tickets for closed loop ticket resolution
  • Automate communication with users and improve reporting
  • Scalable system delivers automated workflows, streamlining ticket tracking
  • Save time with automatic email-to-ticket creation

Our cloud-based IT request software automates and optimizes your support operations, utilizing email templates, workflow automation, and email alerts to ensure your employees stay informed.

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What can help me keep track of all of my assets?

Track, share and report on any asset, always know their value, condition and location,  while maintaining  and utilizing them more effectively with the Novo ShareNet web and mobile cloud platform.

  • Better Organization & Control and improved visibility by reporting on any asset, anywhere, any time
  • Adaptable and scalable with customizable forms, fields, email templates, charts, reports and more
  • Improved asset utilization by knowing exactly which assets you have, where they are located and the status
  • Keep track of purchase information, asset maintenance schedules, their depreciated value, and more, so you can assess and maintain the lifespan and value of those assets.

Our asset management software allows you to easily modify forms, record lists, fields and email templates, attach documents or photos to your records, and tailor the system to keep track of all of your hospital equipment.

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What can help me streamline our facilities operations?

Track, share and report on equipment, maintenance history, inventory and costs across your hospital campus with the ShareNet Facility Maintenance tool.

  • Improve Maintenance Productivity
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Scalable & adaptable system adjusts to your maintenance requirements
  • Easily accessed asset, work order and repair procedure information
  • Reduced response times Customized dashboards and reports Improved visibility by reporting on anything, anywhere, any time

ShareNet helps you maintain your assets and work orders, capture inventory and labor costs, and report on everything from buildings to HVAC units – so that you can make decisions with certainty and control operational costs.

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Cascade Valley Hospital & Clinics

As systems needed repair, paper work orders were sent to the IT department for processing. A system was needed to organize, track and manage the trouble tickets for the IT department so that tickets could be quickly and properly routed for processing. The Cascade Valley Hospital & Clinics selected the Novo Help Desk Software as their issue management solution.

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