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Good planning and management lead to successful capital projects and efficient performance. From small to large, projects require teamwork, preparation, review, and approval.  Local governments must make wise capital investment decisions and reduce the cost of maintaining those investments while providing a method to show measurable improvement and results to the city council.  Furthermore, public work order software can help public works departments streamline their processes and enable more efficient use of limited resources.  Using government software for public works departments is no longer a nice to have service, it is a have to have service.

Managing projects, expansions, and ongoing work is demanding and time-consuming.  And to further complicate matters; funds are scarce, staff is limited, and work schedules aren’t always clear.

Are you bogged down by poor planning and communication?  Do you find that correspondence is often delayed within offices and departments because information isn’t accessible?  Nationwide, government constituents are demanding more transparency and productivity.   That’s one reason Government Software for Public Works Departments has become so necessary.

Reasons for using Public Works Software for greater Transparency

1. Constituents and Council Members Demand Clarity

Often expensive capital improvement projects require more transparency with constituents and council members. It is critical to track costs and expenses; you can’t just hand over a folder of receipts and hope for the best.  You need a comprehensive report to disclose a multitude of information.

Public Works Software gets it done quickly and effortlessly.

How so?public_works_software

  • It provides a data headquarters to view and edit documentation, assets, and current work order status and projects in real time. And it’s available in the office or out in the field.
  • By providing a knowledge hub for staff to public works software work order softwarecontribute lessons learned to guide and support ongoing projects.
  • By making all project data accessible in one central, secure location.
  • Taking the guesswork out of capital project planning with useful reports of future fiscal year projections, start dates, approvals, and estimated costs.

Poorly managed municipal departments make constituents and council members frustrated and distrustful.  While software won’t eliminate all of the risks, it will streamline communication and processes, resulting in better management, reduced costs, and more confidence with constituents.  (see Municipal Reports Demo)

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2. Dodge Project and Work Order Backlogs

Many municipalities have backlogged projects and postponed work because of inadequate government software for public works departments.  A robust application can help plan upcoming projects several years into the future and reduce a prolonged bid process that results in higher costs and extended completion times.

It’s easy to reduce backlog with Public Works Software in your pocket.


  • All departments (roads, water, utilities, sanitation, traffic, and buildings) can manage their own construction, expansions, repairs, and daily maintenance.
  • Each public works project has a collaborative environment and instant web access to ongoing work orders, asset locations, and more.
  • Public Works Software offers a solution to share projects, schedules, performance, and current status with council members.
  • It provides an easier and more straightforward way to develop, prioritize, and track projects and ongoing work.
  • Public works software will help manage and allocate the appropriate resources for jobs.

Organizing government projects takes collaboration, review, and sensible planning in addition to maintaining the routine of day-to-day operations.  Government Software for Public Works was designed to be flexible enough to meet the requirements of every level of government and expressly, the needs of public works departments, city managers, council members, and the mayor. Contact Novo Solutions today to learn more about Public Works Software.