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May 2019

Novo Solutions will be exhibiting at the 2019 Florida City and County Managers Conference in Orlando, FL. Look for us at booth 300 to learn how our ShareNet Municipal software can be used in various city and county departments to help you track, share and report on information in more productive ways.

April 2019

Novo Solutions will be exhibiting at the 2019 Florida Public Works Expo in Daytona Beach, FL. Look for us at booth 135. CEO, Rich Hunter, will also be attending the American Disabilities Act work shop in Lakeland, FL.

February 2019

Novo Solutions CEO, Rich Hunter, will be participating in the 2019 FCCMA Winter Institute. The topic is on Building High Performance Organizations.

January 2017

ShareNet version 2.1 was released.  Improvements were made to the Email Template system, setting and display of International Date formats, the Search system, a security update and more.

January 2014

  2014At Novo we are all about the benefits of tracking.  That’s because we understand how the right tools can help transform goals to successes. Our solutions help people reach their goals by automating and managing their everyday processes. It’s the New Year and many of us make personal resolutions.  Here are some helpful tools to help you reach your goals.

We wish each of you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!


December 2012

Novo Reach Human trafficking continues to be a horrific problem in the world today.  It is estimated that there are over 27 million people in forced labor, and that seems to be a low estimate; these are the highest numbers in history. This Christmas Novo Reach, an outreach of Novo Solutions, is making a hearty donation to help start a 'Freedom House'  in Odessa, Ukraine.  This building will help house women and children who have been victims of sex trafficking. We encourage you to help fill a need this holiday season!  Together we can make a difference. Merry Christmas and Happy Near from Novo Solutions!  

July 2012

Olympics Well it’s Olympics time again.  For the next couple of weeks people will be talking about names we never (or rarely) followed before, about teamwork and about country.  Even gloomy day-to-day thoughts we may have about the state of our country fall aside when we watch our athletes stand for the national anthem.  We become proud citizens united for a good cause.  That is just one of the great things about the Olympics. We at Novo wish all the athletes the best.  We pray for health and safety for all of the athletes and for a peace and safety in London.  And of course….go team USA!

January 2012

We want to wish our customers all the best in 2012!  This will be an exciting year for Novo Solutions, as we are deep in development and expanding our solutions offerings! If you are interested in Beta testing our new solutions please give us a call.  Not only will you be running the newest version, but we will be offering deep discounts for Beta users who wish to continue using the new software. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed - please don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions or suggestions about the Novo Software. Again Happy New Year! Novo Solutions!

December 2011

version48You spoke....we listened!  We are pleased to deliver version 4.8 with many feature enhancements our clients have been asking for! Here's what's new! Company News: Central area that can be a Home Page +Search hub for your Knowledge Base Article Comments: Blog style in line comments beneath selected articles so visitors can interact with each other on article content Enhanced Article Feedback: Article Feedback and Voting enhancement that allows you to better track how well your support documentation is serving your customers RSS Capability: RSS feeds allow customers to stay informed with the latest article posts. Other Enhancements: Core/General:

  • Ability to Disable Admin Users
  • Ability to reorder Custom Rules
  • Ability to run custom timer rules on Date & Date/Time UDF's
Knowledge Base:
  • AJAX style auto complete search field on Home Page and Advanced search pages
  • Normalize Cute default font and default.css content styles
  • Ability to display Author &/or Editor
  • Ability to change Authorship of an article
  • Ability to enable a Captcha feature on Article Comments, Feedback and Questions
  • Various Custom Rules Enhancements
  • New Mailto Variables (Author; Editor; Group; etc.)
  • Run Rules based on Editors
Help Desk:
  • Memorized Ticket Scheduling Enhancement
  • Ability to export viewcase.asp to excel
  • Enhanced Assign Due Date and UDF action for custom rules
  • Enhanced Ticket Search Enhancement
  • Ability to Enable/Disable Automatic New Ticket Notifications
  • Add Asset UDF setting display on asset search
  • Related Articles section on Add/Edit Asset.asp
  • Status ordering for Assets
  • View Paths for Locations (reports)
  • Ability to create a Report that shows all users that are subscribed to a particular article
  • Ability to create a customer report that includes subscriptions
  • Ability to report on Assets with related Articles and Visa-Versa
  • Report on Included Articles
  • View Paths for Categories and Asset Locations
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September 2011

We all do it!  We purchase software that meets a need and use it to help us in our business or personal lives.  Once our problem is solved and we are running along well we drive into that software rut.  We simply do what we know how to do and nothing more.  After all, who has the time to learn something new? The same is true for a lot of our modern conveniences.  Take our cell phones.  I know mine can do a lot of things I do not use it for.  While it may be true I do not ‘need’ to do everything I have at my fingertips, I could actually be losing time by not learning more of its features. Many of us use software programs such as MS Outlook.  Now I know it can do a gazillion things I don’t use it for.  Every time I look at my coworkers desktop I think, “Are we using the same program”?  I admit it is intimidating, but there is more power under the hood I am going to go after (one of these days)! We find the same thing true here at the Novo office.  People use our software to meet their daily needs and don’t realize all of the things it can do.  We understand that is human nature.  But we want to tell them there is so much more! Each month here at Novo we send our customers tech tip newsletters to tell them about application features they may not be aware of.  It is so exciting when we get a call from someone who is able to solve a problem they have or just make their workday easier. So let’s get out of that software rut!  Open a help file or a manual and check out the contents of some of your software and take a look.  I bet there’s a lot out there we are all missing. For more information on the Novo suite of support software visit our website: