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version48You spoke….we listened!  We are pleased to deliver version 4.8 with many feature enhancements our clients have been asking for!

Here’s what’s new!

Company News: Central area that can be a Home Page +Search hub for your Knowledge Base
Article Comments: Blog style in line comments beneath selected articles so visitors can interact with each other on article content
Enhanced Article Feedback: Article Feedback and Voting enhancement that allows you to better track how well your support documentation is serving your customers
RSS Capability: RSS feeds allow customers to stay informed with the latest article posts.

Other Enhancements:


  • Ability to Disable Admin Users
  • Ability to reorder Custom Rules
  • Ability to run custom timer rules on Date & Date/Time UDF’s

Knowledge Base:

  • AJAX style auto complete search field on Home Page and Advanced search pages
  • Normalize Cute default font and default.css content styles
  • Ability to display Author &/or Editor
  • Ability to change Authorship of an article
  • Ability to enable a Captcha feature on Article Comments, Feedback and Questions
  • Various Custom Rules Enhancements
  • New Mailto Variables (Author; Editor; Group; etc.)
  • Run Rules based on Editors

Help Desk:

  • Memorized Ticket Scheduling Enhancement
  • Ability to export viewcase.asp to excel
  • Enhanced Assign Due Date and UDF action for custom rules
  • Enhanced Ticket Search Enhancement
  • Ability to Enable/Disable Automatic New Ticket Notifications


  • Add Asset UDF setting display on asset search
  • Related Articles section on Add/Edit Asset.asp
  • Status ordering for Assets
  • View Paths for Locations (reports)


  • Ability to create a Report that shows all users that are subscribed to a particular article
  • Ability to create a customer report that includes subscriptions
  • Ability to report on Assets with related Articles and Visa-Versa
  • Report on Included Articles
  • View Paths for Categories and Asset Locations

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