7 Reasons to Track Asset Depreciation with a Maintenance Program

You finally feel like things are running smoothly.  Maybe you are effectively tracking and maintaining your assets.  If, however, you are not able to easily report on maintenance costs AND depreciated equipment values, you could be missing out on some insightful information.  Don’t discount the importance of tracking and reporting on asset depreciation directly within your maintenance program.  The Facts:  Assets enter the workforce just as we do. And similarly, asset depreciation begins producing income [...]

Asset Tracking Software –Get Smart About Downtime

Avoiding equipment breakdowns plays a vital role in boosting productivity and profits.  Keeping assets functioning at peak capacity is essential to your maintenance efforts. Are you continually working to balance workloads and equipment scheduling to lessen the possibility of downtime?  A modern asset tracking software system should be able to simplify your challenges for optimal asset performance and decrease equipment downtime. Have you ever noticed that downtime is comprised of multiple times? – notification time, [...]

Asset Maintenance Management Software Reports

Assets are your organization’s largest investments and must be preserved.  Asset maintenance management software reports give visibility into the life-cycle of an asset.  Do you want the decision to make a repair or replace an asset to be an informed or a desperate decision?  What would happen if you drove your vehicle every day, but neglected to get the oil changed? Breakdowns and expensive repairs would rapidly follow.   For this reason, a preventive maintenance system [...]