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Are you a Public Works Director looking to transform your department? Are you in need of an efficient Municipal System that simplifies your workflow processes and boosts operational capabilities? Here at Novo Solutions, we develop software solutions for municipalities around the world. We are looking to provide optimal solutions that meet every need. With ShareNet’s adaptability, we want to continue to create flexibility in your department wherever possible. We also develop Municipal Government Software for other systems of government that may need to track assets that aren’t explicitly town or city-related. 



How Novo Solutions meets the needs of municipalities with our Software for Municipalities

Firstly, we make it a priority to develop our software based on the needs of our clients. Each client has a different spectrum of experience and conditions, and we work to channel those qualities and values into ShareNet. Next, in terms of operations, it is always a priority to decrease costs, maximize efficiency, sustain growth. Furthermore, it provides you with the tools to create what you envision for your municipality, your home. Whether that is repaving all the roads to save residents’ tires, creating a sidewalk for pedestrians, or accurately checking water meters for residents. It all starts with a step, and with our Software for Municipalities, you can start with a leap.




Okay, so, what can this Municipal Government Software do?

To start, ShareNet allows you to retire the old, outdated processes that you may still have in place. These old procedures can consist of paper work-orders, 24/7 word-of-mouth communication, and severe asset depreciation. Next, it features a record-keeping system that stores all of your information. You can customize how your data is stored. You can also construct forms and fields that suit you and your staff’s needs. Then, you have access to a dashboard and reports section, which allows your information to be displayed visually in the form of charts and graphs. Lastly, asset tracking is an essential part of our system. You can log preventative maintenance and other metrics within our municipal software. It prolongs the useful life of your asset, enabling you to plan ahead of the curve. Our approach to versatility and user experience is why our software for municipalities is a premier Government Software Solution.


What if I have new needs and demands that arise in my environment?

To start, we always want to assure clients that whatever life throws your way, we will do our absolute best to accommodate their needs. We can accomplish this because of the flexible structure of ShareNet.This way, to be able to adapt as time passes. We want to grow with you! That is precisely why we supply consistent updates and customize almost every feature in our software for municipalities. As demands change and time passes, you can rest assured that we will be there beside you. Our dedicated support team works hard so that worry can be an issue of the past. 



Software for Municipalities

In summary, our software for municipalities is a resource that pays for itself. First, we aim to reduce costs for operations by simplifying processes with workflow automation. Next, we increase efficiency by streamlining tasks from management to staff quickly and simply. Then, finally, by increasing efficiency and lowering cost, we create adaptability within your department’s structure. This adaptability boosts your ability to change and rewrite things as you see fit; At the same time, keep all of your assets tracked and logged. So choose Novo Solutions for your municipal system today! We can’t wait to hear from you, so request a demo below!


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