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Hello! Welcome to another featured blog post with Novo Solutions! Are you a Cemetery Director? Do you work in the Office of the Sexton? Great, you’re in the right place! Today, we’re discussing the Cemetery Tracking System and what it can do for you and your operations. We know this can include tombstone maintenance, lawn maintenance, and path and street maintenance. Next, the stafcemetery-tracking-systemf you employ can optimize these operations simply because we enable their jobs to be easier with our Cemetery Tracking System. Logging completed jobs in our system and then geo-tagging the location with our GIS-mapping system is an excellent example of the efficiency we create. Moreover, these features provide you with the means to minimize your costs, evolve operations, and improve efficiency, all with a few clicks. Providing you the solutions with your Cemetery Asset Tracking has never been easier.

What does the typical cemetery look like?

Most cemeteries are maintained but lack consistent upkeep. Tombstone placement and removal is a hassle all its own depending on the counts for the day. Then, replacing vegetation and forestry involves acquiring specific tools and machinery that can be costly if not appropriately maintained. As the seasons change, the debris present and damages that occur can obstruct paths and streets. The processes involved with maintaining a cemetery can be very taxing and challenging to keep up with. That’s why having a system like our Cemetery Tracking System is essential.  ShareNet organizes all of your sold and unsold plots. This organization can help you determine which ones are vacant or occupied and makes inventory easy. To illustrate, they can be categorized and mapped within our GIS-Mapping System. Hence, maintaining asset and inventory maintenance records can improve your job-costing reports. Providing you with budget justification to improve processes around the cemetery further.



How can the Cemetery Tracking System affect my operations?

ShareNet’s Cemetery Tracking System will improve your capabilities, revolutionizing your old processes of tombstone maintenance, grave plot inventory tracking, asset management of landscape utilities, and street and pathway sustainability. As a result, your operations will transform and become more efficient and straightforward. In addition, We will provide you with the automation that your workflow processes need to stand the test of time. Lastly, the flexibility of ShareNet will continue to improve, assisting your needs to grow or stay constant as you see fit.

  • ShareNet offers task assignments for different workers and task management for work orders.
  • Assets tracking is available on a map with icons available for placement.
  • You can attach information to assets on the map for a brief work/job description.
  • Preventative maintenance can be logged with different details, including duration, metrics, location, staff, status, and more!


How will the Cemetery Tracking System assist my staff and I?

Primarily, you and your staff’s cemetery maintenance will become more simple. As a result, procedures that have existed previously will fall. The work ethic of your team will improve because they come to work with simplified processes. They don’t have to search for information because it’s readily available. You can supervise accordingly because of the logging and record-keeping forms of ShareNet. The flexibility provided to you by the customization of the software will perfectly suit the needs of your department and workers. The upgrade from that paper-based workflow will become a distant memory, and with a couple of strokes on a keyboard, that filing cabinet will be on the curb. The easy-to-find information you will use will last forever safely stored within the platform.

Making ShareNet your solution

To summarize, ShareNet’s Cemetery Tracking System will banish old paper-based processes and equip you with automation. As a result, tracking and managing your cemetery assets will be more accessible than ever before, and logging maintenance to all assets is made simple. In addition, your teams will produce an efficient work environment with the tools we have provided. Your flexibility will become second nature, and our adaptable system will create room for expansion and local growth. Novo Solutions provides you with the tools you need to be successful and efficient in your operations. Contact us today & request a demo!

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